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CherylJ Sun 29-Jul-07 21:21:16

Hi im new to this forum, my friend told me about it so it thought i would give it a go>

RachelNN11 Tue 07-Aug-07 17:13:17

Hi Cheryl, I've just joined too so I thought I'd send a reply.

Fundayschildminder Thu 07-Feb-08 20:37:13

Hi to all
looks like I am the latest member to join this clubsmile

robbiesmummy Fri 08-Feb-08 12:10:24


I have just joined and was wondering if anyone knows of any baby groups/activities available around rugby?

Neakynoos Tue 10-Feb-09 14:08:30

Hi Robbiesmummy...There are loads of baby/toddler groups in rugby - whereabouts in Rugby are you from?

RandWsmum Thu 26-Feb-09 12:05:52

I am moving to Rugby in the summer and wondered if anyone could recommend nurseries and play groups - my 2 boys will be 1 and 3. I am going to be living right near Rugby school - quite close too the town centre. Also are there any swings/playgrounds in Rugby? And what about leisure centres?

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