Villages in Warwickshire - help please!

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Annie456 Sun 30-Aug-15 07:20:33

Hello, due to be moving to Warwickshire from London with 2 pre-school boys as my husband is relocating to Birmingham and we have family in Leicestershire. We're getting a bit frazzled looking at properties and need to narrow down our search-please help!
We need to be within a 15 min drive of a fast train to Birmingham, not more than an hour from South Leics, would like a rural location but with access to local amenities and ideally a good / outstanding primary in the nearest village.
My worries are not being isolated (quite looking forward to that after London) but some of the villages we've looked at seem to have a rather mature population and would like to find somewhere close to other mums and kids for my boys to hang out with / grow up with.

Please help!!!

mrsf1234 Fri 04-Dec-15 16:14:53

Hi we did the london move a few years ago and are north of warwick. Hockley heath/lapworth are quite young places. (But a lot of villages are old i find....if u want mire buzz you woukd need to head into leamington etc, but then you may as well stay in london was our thinking!)

Nahgiem Tue 15-Dec-15 21:46:30

Virgin trains run from Rugby to Birmingham, only stopping at Coventry so pretty fast - maybe focus your search on the villages around Rugby? It's also not too far then from Leicestershire.

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