Please help us keep our children safe on school buses

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CVA29 Thu 13-Dec-12 17:46:37

13th December 2012

Please could you support our campaign to keep Passenger Transport Assistants on primary school bus and taxi services across Warwickshire by signing this petition? Anyone who lives, works or studies in Warwickshire can sign (including children).
We believe it is not safe for children as young as 4 to travel to school with no adult supervision other than the driver who is expected to drive safely and supervise, in some cases, 50 children all aged 11 and under.
Warwickshire County Council stated they would save £700k per year but only £21k has been saved in the last year. For some services only £2.50 per day is being saved against a Council forecast of £35.
Children use bus transport if the journey to school is too dangerous to walk or if they face a longer commute to due local school closures.
We know the Council need to make savings, but compromising the safety of children for such a small saving feels wrong.
We have already had incidents including 4 year year old children being left at the wrong bus stops. Please help us avoid further incidents and keep our children safe by supporting our campaign. Thank you.

EmmaMumsnet Thu 20-Dec-12 15:44:38

Thanks for posting on Mumsnet Local, we've just moved your thread to the Campaigns topic.

JarvisH Sun 06-Jan-13 20:20:29

This is terrible, they have removed passenger assistants (chaperones, escorts) on primary school buses there are more schools where parents are getting letters for removal since christmas.

How can a driver drive and watch the kids on the bus, kids aged 4-11 should be supervised!

Parents need to make a stand. Sign the petition.

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