hello lovely stratforders!

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serendippity Tue 28-Aug-12 08:24:01

Hi there smile
We have just sold our house in Cambridge and are looking for somewhere lovely to move to. Just visited Stratford on Sunday and have fallen in love with the place. We have 2 children an 8 yr old dd and a 3.5 year old ds, and am struggling a little to find info on clubs/groubs on the internet that would suit them both now and when they get older. How do you find living there? is it mainly touristy or is there loads on for families that i am too dappy to find online?
Plus I need to make some freinds!
Any advice/info you could give me would be really helpful, thankyou!

lambfam Sat 22-Sep-12 14:29:04

just come across this message. we find Stratford lovely for a family - loads to do for kids. Arts, sports, etc. If you are still thinking of moving here, get in touch and I can give you more information

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