Just moved back to the UK with 9 month old

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Weemum Sun 01-Apr-12 22:47:46

Dear all
Moved back to the UK last year after 12 years living in Asia. I have a 9 month old (who was 4 months when i moved back) so lots of huge life changes - being a first time mum being the most rewarding though. We've moved into the Leamington area and loving it so far. We've found lots of great activities and welcoming children's centre, but because i run my own business part-time from home and travel quite often to visit family (who live 3 hours and 8 hours away), i'm finding it hard to meet other mums/friends in the area. Be great to hear from any other mums out there and particularly anyone with similar experiences. Thanks & Happy Easter

LeamingtonLass Sun 01-Apr-12 22:52:48

Hi Weemum smile I'm the Tsarina for Leamington/Warwick, welcome to the local board. I live in Leamington and have a 3 year old, there are a few of us on here.

(I normally go by the name of BertieBotts on mumsnet, so you're more likely to spot me posting under that name)

What kind of things are you interested in? I used to use the Children's Centres a lot, they are very good.

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