Toddler swimming in South Warks?

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BambinoGibson Fri 16-Mar-12 19:44:33

Not sure if you found one, but I take my daughter to Warwick pool on a Friday lunchtime, it's just a drop in class during term time for half an hour and is great. See the council website for details, but it's fun, constructive and without the expensive sign up fees.

bobdiddly Mon 12-Dec-11 08:41:09

Hi, I used to go to little splashers in leamington. An excellent class. They do other ones round the area but more coventry/rugby way.

lisbapalea Fri 25-Nov-11 15:56:26

I have just moved to the area and am keen to take my daughter to swimming lessons in the new year (she'll be 22mths in January).

Can anyone recommend any classes? Have checked the likes of Puddleducks but they don't seem to cover Warwickshire.

I am close to Banbury and Stratford and not too far from L/Spa or Warwick.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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