Moving from Canada to Warwickshire-Help

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Basinka Sun 27-Feb-11 02:32:09

We're poised to move to the area and have no sense of what schools are good primary and secondary other than the League Tables- which I take with a grain of salt. Does anyone have information about whether it is better to live in Leamington Spa, Kenilworth or Warwick in terms of a) best schools b)affordabilty c) organic food/health products availability (an odd criteria, I know, but we are coming from a city where local organic produce and natural beauty products are very plentiful and in the general consciousness of our city). Been to Warwick for a holiday visit and thought it very pretty but obviously have no sense of it as a resident. Any information and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

crunched Fri 04-Mar-11 21:41:28

This is a highly personal view.I have lived in Warwickshire for 6 years,so can remember what it was like to arrive with no local knowledge and this is what I now think....

Kenilworth people love living there - and are almost smug about it.There are reasonable eating places, a Waitrose and all the residents think the state schools good.There is a massive sixth form place and I know a couple of teenagers from there who are polite and have achieved excellent grades.House prices are in the higher bracket generally.

Warwick is a great size, big enough but not too big. There is a health food shop in the centre.I understand Myton School is very well thought of. Warwick School(boys) and Kings High(girls),which my daughter attends, are reasonably academic independant schools with long histories.Warwick residents are mostly friendly.

Leam Spa is a big town. Loads happening and a huge mix of people,cultures and areas. Lots of students bring a certain vibe.Shops are interesting, a few ethical ones raise their heads now and again. I like it, but know a lot of locals in my village, I'm 4 miles from Warwick,6 from Leam, don't.Restaurants are variable but worth a visit.I think the schools vary, with some friends very happy with state Trinity and North Leam (fantastic campus, that one), others travelling to Warwick or Coventry

There are farmers markets in Warwick and Leam, don't know about Kenilworth.My son is at an independant school a few miles outside Leam Spa, which is faith based, co-ed and a fantastically happy place to be for children of all abilities.

Sorry, don't know much about primary education here because for complicated reasons, my youngest is at school in Oxfordshire. But in a way that sums up one of the benefits of living in this area.Travel in all directions is brill.
Hope you love it as much as I do, and would love to hear if you do!

Basinka Sat 05-Mar-11 00:37:37

Thank you so much for your views on the area. We are leaning a bit to Kenilworth but I love looking at Warwick so... When we arrive we'll be doing a more focused look-see. Thanks again for the info on schools; they're a huge unknown so your impressions, and others views, are appreciated.

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