HELP... Britax vigour3 brackets for car seat / chassis

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NikC Sat 03-Oct-09 14:02:57

Help.... I've recently bought a britax vigour 3 from ebay for my soon-to-arrive-no.2 and there are brackets missing. Can't get from the supplier or anywhere else so wondered if anyone had any they could sell / lend for 6 months...

It's not the vigour 3+, which is a different type of fitting, and I just need the brackets that attach to the chassis as the seller included the bits that attach to the car seat.

Can anyone help?

pippa251 Wed 09-Dec-09 07:16:25

i had the same problem- I have a britax vibe and have the attatchments for the pram but not the car seat. If you think they'll be useful you are welcome to them

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