mum of 3 kids want to chat make friends go out xxxxxxx

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saz001 Thu 04-Mar-10 18:18:50

Hi clarex and mja124,

i know how u guys feel- im at home with my 2 little boys and all i speak is cbeebies!! am really up for meeting new people xxx

mja124 Wed 24-Feb-10 22:05:09

Hi clarex
I know exactly how you feel. Already feel like that and I only have 1 little boy and I feel 59 not 29...
I have just moved to the area and my DH and I don't know anyone so I spend my days looking after the house and my DS. Trying to go to some baby classes when I can. Am starting to feel quite desperate to have a network of friends around, particularly ones who know what it's like to be a Mum!
Would love to organise a meet up with a few Mums for, like you say, some adult company and hopeful a bit of a laugh.
Anyone up for it?

whirleywoo72 Wed 10-Feb-10 18:07:22

i am 37, and 8 wks pregnant, i have 3 children already, all teenagers, and after my youngest who is 14, i had 4 consecutive misscariages, and really not enjoying this bit of the pregnancy, im not sleeping, and when i go the loo i expect to see blood, i dont do any heavy lifting anymore cos of my job, and rest with my feet up as much as pos.I had 2 of my children in warrington, 1 in the old unit and 1 in the new unit, i found them happy, and always go for a normal delivery and what you i being stupid, or just enjoy it, if it happens it happens. [confused

clarex Sun 03-May-09 14:46:39

hiyaa everyone please add me to msn luvgirlpink at hotmail co uk so i can chat to mums like me in warrington, meet up have fun with the kids get away from the boring fellas..feel human again..have a laugh..have a brew, have adult conversations about stuff other than cbeebies!!! i am 26 and feel about 56 sometimes!! determined that it cant be all this bad just coz iv got 3 kids so anyone trying to build a new social network friends something to look forward to..join me in my quest for feeling human again pmsl thanks for reading xxxxxx

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