Anyone interested in arranging a meet up in the area?

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Lottys Sat 19-Nov-11 10:01:47

Why not come along to The Jungle at Winwick Quay on a Thursday morning during term time from 10.30am. We have our Bumps and Baby morning, free entry plus a free tea or coffee for new or expectant mums. There's lots going on too for toddlers if you want to bring them along too. Visit for more info or call 01925 659995.

HavingAnOffDAy Mon 12-Sep-11 10:34:16

Hi Ladies

I live in Warrington & met friends through the local NCT Bumps & Babes group.

They meet in Pizza Express in Stockton Heath once a month, plus there are weekly meet ups at various venues.

The group is specifically for those with bumps or babies up to 1 year old.

Hopefully this is a link to the NCT webpage which lists all events organised by the NCT.

Please don't be put off by the NCT branding - we're a friendly, non-fuddy duddy branch!!

Hope this helps!!

CheshireDing Mon 08-Aug-11 17:58:40

No, I cannot find anything really Scarlett sad

When I started Yoga on Saturday they went for a coffee afterwards but I have not found anything specific at all. Maybe I will when I start NHS classes this week? Have you started those yet, maybe people meet up after those.

ScarlettPhoenix Thu 04-Aug-11 07:42:27

Hi CheshireDing, do you know of any meet ups in the area for us pregnant ladies? Would be nice to get to know people beforehand as a bit of a support network for when the time comes!

CheshireDing Mon 01-Aug-11 22:40:41

Hi Scarlett I am 30 weeks with my first and live in Lymm. I think Webster could be similar dates to us too looking at her last post.

I am not on maternity leave yet but give it eight weekssmile

ScarlettPhoenix Sun 31-Jul-11 01:34:46

Forgot to add, when I've had my little one I'd love to come along to this meet up, I'll watch out for any developments in this thread!

ScarlettPhoenix Sun 31-Jul-11 01:33:28

I'm new to the forum, does anyone know of any meet ups for pregnant mums to be in the area? I'm 33 weeks with our first.

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 09-Jul-11 09:16:08

Oooh, florapup, you could be the sole person I know. Three weeks tomorrow until we move.

webster147 Sat 21-May-11 12:37:48

I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my third child, my other two are 13 & 11 so I'm a bit rusty, would love to meet up in the future when I'm a bit further along, I live in Cinnamon Brow.

Ambi Thu 12-May-11 18:16:18

I'm working FT so miss out on meet ups these days, I met with the lpool mnrs a while ago and went on the Mcr Xmas meet up a few yrs ago.
I hope you find other mnrs to meet up with during the day, if anyone is doing an evening meet up count me in.

florapup Thu 12-May-11 18:01:14

@ kreecherlivesupstairs - I have older children too (11 and 16). Live in Appleton.

RockChick1984 Mon 09-May-11 21:52:06

Hi Nicola, I'd be up for meeting if anything gets arranged - my son is 7 weeks old, I live just outside Warrington town centre. Where / when r u thinking about arranging it for? Also, how r u finding the routine? Is it Gina? I've been thinking about starting something like that with my little boy, I'm really struggling with the way he seems to sleep all day then think night-time is playtime!

MadisonMae Fri 06-May-11 09:19:29

Ok thanks for the tip!

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 05-May-11 13:51:41

I am not even there yet! I've another couple of months in Belgium. Hopefully us continental types are sorting out a leaving party for me.
It isn't considered good form to identify yourself on the boards by the way. I don't know many people's real life names except those I've had private contact with.

MadisonMae Thu 05-May-11 12:38:45

Hi kreecher.... 10 weeks/10 years, who cares!
Lets arrange something and all get together, babies/children might not be the only thing we all have in common! Hopefully other MNers might see the post and come along too.

Afternoons are always best for me, but any day is fine.
What do you both think?

Oh, and I don't know either of your names.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 05-May-11 12:15:11

I was very excited to see this. I am moving to Paddington/Padgate in August. I don't think I'd fit in though. My DD is 10 next week.
Fingers crossed there are some other MNers in my situation.

MadisonMae Thu 05-May-11 12:09:04

Hi! Thanks for replying...I was beginning to think there was nobody out there! Happy 6 month birthday to George for yesterday!

Meeting up would be great. I (controversial I know) follow a routine with Maddy so afternoons are always best for me if possible as she has a big sleep over lunchtime!

Why are you moving over to Grappenhall?


cpgeo Wed 04-May-11 22:39:14

Hi Nicola
I have just registered with the website tonight and saw your post.... good timing! I have a little boy, George - six months today! I like in Great Sankey, currently in the process of moving to Grappenhall, but all my family and friends live in this area. It would be lovely to meet you and your little one. Just let me know if you'd like to meet up for coffee. I am due to go back to work end of June.... boo hoo sad

MadisonMae Wed 04-May-11 09:07:06

I live in Great Sankey (Chapelford) and so interested in meeting up with anyone around this area...Penketh, Westbrook, Whittle Hall, Callands...etc. Warrington in general.

I have a 9 week old daughter, Madison, conceived by IVF and whom I love to bits, but the days can be quite long and I'm not met many people through ante-natal etc as yet, so would love the company of other mums with babies of similar age to meet up for coffee etc!

Hope to hear from anyone who is interested!

Nicola Xxx

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