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Suslik Thu 08-Oct-09 15:21:55

Hi all, I am looking for some opinions on the local hospitals and where to give birth. It's a bit difficult being new to the area. I am considering: St Thomas's, Kings, Tooting or Chelsea. One of the problems is that Tooting have stopped all ward tours for risk of swine flu so i can't even see it even though it's the closest!

I am looking for: clean facilities with reasonably modern feel, ideally en-suite bathroom in delivery room, and preferrably up to 4 people in post-natal suits (6 seems a bit much). I am not eligible for any birth centre things as i've had a previous c-section. Any thoughts? How is that Tooting hospital? Or am i better off going to some others?

thank you

EldonAve Thu 08-Oct-09 18:46:35

St Thomas has ensuite delivery rooms and 4 beds in the post natal wards with a bathroom inside

George's was redone recently but not sure if they made any real improvements

I doubt you will find clean or modern anywhere in London

titferbrains Thu 08-Oct-09 19:11:09

Erm, I had DD at tooting Sept last yr. Delivery room didn't have en suite bathroom. We came armed with Dettol wipes for everything but my dd has been in and out of hospitals the last few months so that's shifted my perspective a bit and I try not to panic so much about cleanliness, if it's a ward for children/new mums then you have to assume they're doing their best.

post natal - i thunk there were 6 in my room. I just remember overhearing the nightmare that the lady opposite me was having with breastfeeding. All night. But I still have a lovely night cuddling my new baby and feeling grateful that she was at least taking the boob. More important (and what I'd do next time) would be to have a doula with me for time just after baby was born. That way I'd have someone calm and knowledgeable on hand instead of incredibly busy nurses. I tore and had to wait ages on our last day for various meds, which was pretty unbearable - all we wanted was to go home.


I had the DCs at Kingston (which actually met most of your criteria), but know lots of people who have had babies at Chelsea & Westminster and have been told that the post-natal wards there are pretty grim.

I had a VBAC with DD and was discharged straight from the delivery suite after just a few hours. Might that be an option for you? It gets round all the post-natal ward concerns...

andagain Tue 13-Oct-09 12:25:10

I had my DD in St George's in Tooting 2 1/2 years ago and I only have praise for them. That was before the refurbishment, so not sure what it's like now. Delivery room did not have en suite bathroom but it was next door and I was there for several days (that story is for a different thread) and they were really lovely. The midwives kept on coming to check if I was ok every half an hour or so, even told me off for getting off the bed to get another pillow myself telling me that I should just press the button and they will come in immediately, kept offering teas and water etc to my DH.
And yes there were 6 beds in post natal ward but only three of us were there. As I had C section I was in post natal ward for 3 days and again can't complain. Everyone looked after us really well, and whatever I asked for I got.

andagain Tue 13-Oct-09 12:27:24

PS Can I just add that as I ended up with emergency C section I was really frightened but everyone in the theatre was fab!

twolittlekings Thu 22-Oct-09 21:58:49

I have had both mine at Tommys and I have to say the primary care was amazing. I have not had experience of home from home, only the birth ward but the room I had was fine and had a private bath - not that I'd have wanted to languish in it!!! This time round when it came for the big push I had not only a midwife but 2 doctors (and it was not that difficult a labour).

In terms of the pre-natal stuff as well - in case you need to be seen etc - they have a fantastic day assessment unit and the 2 times I went in I was treated well and given appropriate advice etc.

The other benefit of Tommys is that they have the Evelina Kids hospital on site so I always felt that if there had been any emergencies during labour then I would have been in the best place possible.

Post natal is not so great in terms of the wards - but then none of them are.

Anyway top marks for st thomas' in my opinion. The only bummer is the parking - very expensive if you happen to have a long labour!!!!

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