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lillylally Fri 14-Aug-09 08:40:19

Arghhhh I am at the end of my tether with local joiners/carpenters........Any help appreciated. In 4 years we have found one great guy but he is always in demand and can wait up to a year for him. I have recently had some work done by a 'cowboy' which desperately needs putting right. Can anyone recommend anyone??

Chu Sun 18-Oct-09 18:52:22

Hi, I was just looking on mumsnet for local nurseries and saw your message. My husband is a domestic plumber and handyman and would be happy to speak to you about the problems that you are having and how they need rectifying. His number is 07787 577282 if you would like to give him a call, and he has has references available if required.

Thanks Chu

I asked this a few weeks ago and had Chris Corke (07747 670156) recommended by loobylolly -- he's not finished the shelves and units he's doing for us yet but I've been very impressed so far. He used to build sets for the film industry and moved from that into domestic carpertry and joinery.

(Not wishing to take any business away from Chu's DH, though, and I'll remember him fr next time we need a plumber)

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