Free things in the area to do with a one year old

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Hackers79 Sun 19-Jul-09 21:09:09


Just wondering if there's anyone who can help with some information. I have the surestart booklet, so I know all about the one o'clock clubs and library storytimes etc, but are there any other groups that are free or small fee? I've just gone back to work and have employed a nanny and want to suggest as many things as possible to help her meet others and obviously for my baby to socialise.

Thank you for any help.


EldonAve Sun 19-Jul-09 21:20:19

playgroups? netmums usually has a list otherwise you can call the children's info service at the council

Hackers79 Sun 19-Jul-09 21:36:14

Yes playgroups. Been searching on this site but couldn't find right one. I did find one that said no carers or nannies!! I'll try council.

thank you

EldonAve Sun 19-Jul-09 21:38:52

link to netmums
most will be closed til Sept now

Hackers79 Mon 20-Jul-09 16:54:05

So what does one do over the summer months?

EldonAve Mon 20-Jul-09 16:59:53

does your nanny not know anyone locally?

weddingcake Thu 23-Jul-09 15:46:42

Which area are you in?

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