Does anyone know of a good pregnancy yoga class in Tooting/Balham/Earlsfield?

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Sop76 Mon 25-May-09 12:52:16

Hi, does anyone know a good pregnancy yoga class they could recommend in or around Tooting/Earlsfield? I haven't done too much yoga before, so I'm looking for a beginners class. I'm 20 weeks and feel as if I'm seizing up - think yoga might help! Thanks.

artifarti Tue 26-May-09 19:52:47

I know an excellent one in Streatham if you can stretch that far (no pun intended!) I think they also do some in The Trident Centre in Tooting. Don't know the exact details but you could Google it, or they have a leaflet in the window. If I'm passing in the next few days will have a look for you.

blueberry2310 Tue 26-May-09 21:35:25

I think they do it at the Vitality Centre in Southfields, not too far from Earlsfield. If you don;t have a car the 156 and 39 buses stop two minutes walk away.

poshtottie Wed 27-May-09 09:17:11 may have a teacher near you.

Sop76 Sun 31-May-09 12:09:46

Thank you so much. Southfields and Streatham are not too far at all. Can you let me know where in Streatham? I'll also have a look at birthlight - Thanks!

artifarti Sun 31-May-09 16:46:11

In Streatham - her name is Kathleen Beegan and her contact details are on here:

I went to her classes from 20 weeks and she was great. The classes are held at her house, not far from Streatham BR station. Enjoy!

loc Tue 02-Jun-09 15:27:21

Hi I go to a great yoga class at Earlsfield Library. There are a couple of pregnant ladies who attend who can't make the earlier pregnancy class. She also does classes at Balham library. Look for the whYoga website for more info. I never went to the pregnancy ones but have heard they are pretty good.

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