Stepping Stones Nursery Balham/Tooting

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surelyyoucantbeserious Mon 18-May-09 16:56:29

I am considering a place here for my DS (7.5 months). Any comments from parents with children here would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

surelyyoucantbeserious Tue 19-May-09 13:11:23

Have now seen Looking Glass and considering this one instead! Again grateful if anyone can share their experience of this nursery. Thanks

wilbur Tue 19-May-09 13:13:23

Don't know Looking Glass, but two of my friends (both of whom are v picky) used Steping Stones and are v happy with it. One is even sending both her dcs there even tho it is more ££ than getting a nanny.

1dilemma Fri 19-Jun-09 00:07:35

Is stepping stones the one in a local school?

I have one friend who used looking glass and generally liked it she did have a couple of minor complaints. I looked round and found them very slick with a nice over 3's room. However when I tried to actually enrol I found it a maddening frustrating experience, they were totally unflexible and I ended up going somewhere else.

surelyyoucantbeserious Thu 02-Jul-09 20:47:43

That's a shame dilemma. DS just started at Looking Glass - all fine so far! (only day 2....)

Yes stepping stones is linked to Ravenstone.

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