Looking for nursery/playgroups in the area and can only get afternoon slots.

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sarahandruby Mon 18-May-09 13:17:48

Can anyone tell me how it works with naps etc?? She will be 2 1/2 years old when/if she starts. Do they still have naps at that age??? If so how do you work in an afternoon nursery session which starts at 12:30 around a sleep. I have a feeling if she hasn't napped she will be too tired to enjoy herself, and it will be a waste of money (which OMG they are so expensive around here)??? If anyone has a nursery they would recommend or any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks

EldonAve Mon 18-May-09 19:16:50

whereabouts are you looking?

you could wait and apply for a council run preschool or one attached to a school - they are usually free from the term after they turn 3

sarahandruby Tue 19-May-09 08:36:33

Thanks EldonAve,

Think we could drive each other made by then. Apparently it means because her birthday is in March she couldn't get into one until the September after her 3rd birthday (1 1/2 years away). I called the local school and they said there were 3 places available that didn't go to siblings for this year. It's crazy. We are on Bolingbroke Grove SW11.

PortAndLemon Tue 19-May-09 08:53:18

If her birthday's in March I thought she can get one for the summer term -- it would be an April birthday that would be a problem (DD was due in April but born in March and people suggested in passing that she'd got an extra term's free nursery sessions by arriving two weeks early). I'll go and check.

IME at 2.5 the children who are there all day do have a nap -- but the morning children tend to leave after lunch and nap at home and the afternoon children to arrive after their nap. It might be possible for your DD to arrive and go straight into a nap with her classmates, though -- this would be something to talk through with the nursery when you find it.

I'm at the SW15 end so no specific nursery suggestions, I'm afraid.

PortAndLemon Tue 19-May-09 08:59:40

(Yes, have just checked online official sites and

Three and four-year-olds born between 1 April and 31 August (inclusive) will be eligible for a place for three terms from the start of the Autumn term following their 3rd / 4th birthday

Three and four-year-olds born between 1 September and 31 December (inclusive) will be eligible for a place for three terms from
the start of the Spring term following their 3rd / 4th birthday

Three and four-year-olds born between 1 January and 31 March (inclusive) will be eligible for a place for three terms from the start of the Summer term following their 3rd / 4th birthday

EldonAve Tue 19-May-09 13:31:32

I agree with PortAndLemon - she should be able to start in the summer term at a school nursery

For a much cheaper option you could try the Bolingbroke preschool playgroup
You may have to help out (not sure how often) but it costs almost nothing


sarahandruby Tue 19-May-09 19:39:28

Many thanks ladies. I will double check this with the schools tomorrow.
EldonAve - funny you should mention the Bolingbroke playgroup as her name is down there, unfortunately she has missed out for this September intake though, so who knows when she might get in there.
The search continues.

EldonAve Wed 20-May-09 10:52:39

There is also the Windmill playgroup on Clapham Common

Lots can change between now and Sept - I know lots of people who are moving so you may get in at Bolingbroke

sarahandruby Wed 20-May-09 12:53:14

Thanks EldonAve. Do you have a child that attends Bolingbroke or know people that do????????
Just called Bolingbroke this morning to double check that she didn't get in (as you say lots can change). She didn't but she isn't too far off, apparently they are on Jan 07 babies and she was born March 07, they couldn't tell me how many in front of her but my fingers are crossed. We live just around the corner and it would be wonderful if she could get a spot there.
The Windmill has a huge waitlist, she will be at school by the time a place came up there.

EldonAve Wed 20-May-09 15:26:26

I have friends whose children went to Bolingbroke until they could start at Balham Nursery

karelle Mon 01-Jun-09 23:09:15

hi my daughter is the same age born in March 07 and she's going to Montessori on chesnut grove since march09. she's doing full day and even get to have an afternoon nap (from over an hour to 2hours). Hope this help!

weddingcake Fri 19-Jun-09 21:14:39

Sorry to hijack but does anyone know any good nurseries at the Roehampton end of SW15?

PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 21:23:47

I don't know any right at the Roehampton end; know a couple of good ones on Gwendolen Avenue in Putney but not further west than that.

A friend did look at one in Roehampton where they gave the older children spaghetti hoops on toast more or less every day (virtually no fruit or veg) and pureed up the spaghetti hoops for the babies (!), but I don't remember what it was called... (and that was a few years ago now).

You may do better to start your own thread on this.

EyePeam Fri 19-Jun-09 21:26:52

HI SarahandRuby

Had exactly the same as you, my ds is May 07 and down at Bolingbroke but I have little hope he will get in there because of their Sept intake rule.

Anyway he's off to Mouse House for afternoons from Sept. I am hoping it will work because he has recently been waking early and then having a morning nap, after that keeps going for the whole day. (Can you imagine paying those fees for them to sleep at nursery school!?!)

THe downside is that it means I have to get up and not persuade him back to sleep - sometimes he'll come into my bed, have his cup of milk and snuggle up for more sleep, but that means an afternoon sleep. So early mornings all round.

Did you post the other day about Broomwood Montessori? I looked into it vaguely but couldn't really find any info and didn't take it further though it looks nice. I assume they're like all the others - practically name down at birth if you want a place! (Marmalade Cat is taking applications for unborn children would you believe .... <rolls eyes>)

EyePeam Fri 19-Jun-09 21:29:40

argh sorry didn't see dates on posting. sorry weddingcake, I know nowt about Roehampton end of things.

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