NCT- which course is best in Balham/Clapham

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SuiGeneris Thu 14-May-09 19:40:21

Hi everyone, it is a probably a bit early for this question, but which type of NCT course is best in Clapham/Balham? Both of us work, I am planning to go back to work afterwards and, being foreign, are not really sure which type of NCT course (antenatal standard, antenatal intensive, bump-to-baby) would be best to meet like-minded people (i.e. who work the same sort of hours and face similar issues/pressures). Perhaps wrongly, we thought it might be easier to make friends if the people we meet are in a similar situation. Does anyone have experience of the various courses and/or have an idea of who goes to which course?

sarahandruby Fri 15-May-09 13:40:35

Hi there,

My husband and I did our NCT course in Balham (teddies nursery location) . We decided on the two days over consecutive weekends over the night class, as come that late at night I was getting tired and had no concentration. It was fantastic and can't recommend it more highly. It's more about the other people you meet rather than what you learn, but my hubbie found it very informative (and some stuff a little scary, but they need to know). We did it over two half years ago and us girls still meet up once or twice a week (albeit for 1 couple we new we'd never see again). It's funny as it is so random who you will meet, but if it wasn't for the other girls I think I would've lost my sanity by now, they are my savours and my daughter had 5 instant friends even before she was born. Good luck.. xx

EldonAve Fri 15-May-09 23:04:40

I did the evening class
I think that was all they offered at the time

I would think antenatal intensive or standard would work
Surely bump to baby is just chat?

kchivs Sun 17-May-09 20:08:44

I did the 2 consecutive days, being on 2 days means you really get to know peopple quickly. Really recommend doing this.

SuiGeneris Sun 31-May-09 09:45:39

Thank you very much, this is indeed very helpful, as we weren't sure whether the intensive two-day course would work in practice for group-building. And as for tiredness, I rarely make it past 9pm at the moment, so late nights might be impracticable... Will investigate further.

Hackers79 Sun 19-Jul-09 20:59:48


I did the intensive and it is cool for bonding because you are obviously all thrown in together and you have lunch to chat, which you don't do with the other courses. We still meet every week even though we've all gone back to work now. I think what made the group strong was the teacher had a brilliant way of making us stay in touch in those early months. On the second day, we all took our diaries and agreed on a day and time each week. Then we took it in turns to offer up our homes as the meeting place. Therefore we had the next 6 weeks blocked out. If you could make it great, if you couldn't you knew where it would be next week. Some groups that haven't been as successful haven't done this. Also, if you go to someone's house you have the security of having everything you need to hand and it's great in the winter months. I also think it's makes you get out and about with your new baby really quickly. I remember I took my newborn baby out only a week old to one of the girls house.

Good luck with the class and your pregnancy.


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