Child friendly pubs in our area? Where gets your vote?

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Lotster Tue 17-Feb-09 15:05:24

Hi there,

Can anywhere recommend a family friendly pub in the Balham/Wandsworth/Clapham area that doesn't just tolerate kids but actually welcomes them and possibly has any attractions for them? My son is 2.5 and up until recently has been fine to go to pubs for the occasionally Sunday lunch etc to catch up with friends. But it is a bit boring for him to have to sit at the table, and tedious for us to have to take turns following him around exploring when he's bored of the things I've brought out for him to play with.

I know I can take him to coffee shops etc with play areas, which are far more suitable for him but sometimes we want to be grown up and meet friends for a pint/glass of wine! When he was a baby this was easy to do...

When I was growing up (although in Surrey not London) pubs had gardens with slides, swings etc and I really feel this is missing from our area. A bucket of toys would do TBH! Any suggestions please?

peasoup Tue 17-Feb-09 16:33:36

Can't think of ANY with slides/swings etc. unfortunately, but we have taken DS (age 3) to The Bread and Roses on Clapham Manor Street a lot and at least it has a big back room, high chairs and a garden so they can rush about a bit. (and a kids menu)
The Stonhouse pub on Stonhouse Street has a kids menu and a garden, but not that much room to rush about and door opens onto a road so gives me a heart attack. Tim O'Bobbin just off North Street again has a garden and is quite laid back about kids. The Grey Goose on Clapham Park Road quite family friendly though no garden. The Calf on Rectory Grove has piles of games and a games room and a lot of space inside. All of the above we take DS to for Sunday lunch quite happily and have done since he was 2, but I'm afraid none have a dedicated kid play area or even a box of toys! It's a disgrace. Even the cafes round here don't particulary have kids stuff.
We always bring a Nght Garden comic and felt tips and toys. Even play dough!

wilbur Tue 17-Feb-09 16:39:52

I was going to say Bread and Roses too, they don't have a play area but are v welcoming for kids. County Arms on Trinity Rd is nice too, big outside patio, no toys, but good for kids to wander and lots of families there so people are understanding. I just don't think anywhere has the space to dedicate to a separate kids' area when they need to cram in as many tables as they can. The Devonshie on Balham High Road has a big garden terrace too, so you can take toys and books with you.

Lotster Tue 17-Feb-09 22:32:53

thanks you two, lots of ideas there. Have spent a bit of time trailing around after him at the Devonshire and County Arms grin

Hadn't thought of B&R, they've previously been very nice about taking my dog who isn't strictly allowed...

wilbur Wed 18-Feb-09 11:39:12

Where do you live, lotster? Maybe we should start a petition in the Devonshire (our new local grin) to get some toys and a playtable. It's such a huge place - they could do a roaring lunchtime trade with mothers and kids.

Lotster Wed 18-Feb-09 11:56:56

About 5 mins from there! I know a couple of regulars who know the landlord so will mention it to them to ask him. Although he is quite grumpy! grin

wilbur Wed 18-Feb-09 12:08:36

Is he? I don't know which one he is. We're also close to there - a bit further south towards Tooting Common. Kids meals, or half-portions would be good. Might go for a drink there later tonight as I am child-free until tomorrow morning.

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