New mum to be ? Anyone else out there ? Fancy Coffee

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flit Wed 07-Jan-09 11:26:45

Hi I am a brand spanking new mum to be , a complete novice at this whole pregnancy thing . If anyone fancy's coffee around the clapham area , I live near Northcote road ..... I do work 9-5 but would love to have a giggle with someone who is wondering what on earth is happening to there world now hahahaha ...

HeadFairy Wed 07-Jan-09 12:07:27

Hiya flit, I live on Northcote Road, I've got a 16 month old so I'm no expert but if you ever need any advice on what's good locally for mums and babies let me know. I'm always up for an excuse for tea and cakes in Crumpet too

Magazinegirl Wed 14-Jan-09 16:13:34

hi ladies I am expecting in June - first time mummy and also live just off the northcote road..
currently on bed rest so off work but as soon as i'm up and about would be lovely to meet some other preggie ladies nearby!
BTW I love crumpet!!

rhubarbrhubarb Wed 14-Jan-09 21:23:42

Hello, can I join your thread? I notice magazinegirl that you are due in June - I am due in July with my second and live in Balham. I'm often in Northcore road - crumpet is great - I already have a nearly 4 year old DS and often find myself in there. I also work full time I donlt get to meet many others in the same situation.{smile}

helsbels74 Sun 08-Feb-09 16:09:47

Hello, just seen this thread. I'm due at the start of April (first one!) and looking forward to stopping work soon!

I'm in Tooting Bec but always up for a walk over to NCote road and it would be nice to meet some other mums to be/mums in the area!

jillylama Fri 17-Apr-09 18:07:09

Hi there... I know this thread hasn't been commented on in awhile but if you guys ever met up I would love to join in the fun. I just moved here from NYC and am due at the end of May. Live in Battersea and would like to meet others who are expecting their first. Please let me know if you guys are meeting.

MrsCrunch Thu 04-Jun-09 09:55:45

Hello everyone,just saw this thread. I am due 6th of July with my first and moving back to Balham next week after two years away. I would love to meet for coffees, chats, walks etc. Have done all my antenatal stuff aways from London so haven't been able to hook up with any other new mums yet. Would love to meet other (new) mums.

cornichons Thu 04-Jun-09 10:32:42

Hi everyone and Mrs Crunch.

I'm due on 22nd August and live in Tooting Bec by the common. I seem to have missed the boat on the antenatal classes so I don't really know any expecting or new mums in the area.

Would love to meet up for coffee and cake and don't mind walking here or there - I actually welcome the exercise!

Clarey12 Fri 17-Jul-09 17:16:40

Hi ladies, just wondering if you can help out. I'm trying to get a new little business started up, I want to keep it as community based as possible and create a real little local community feeling. I'm a Clapham girl too, not a mum or mum to be ...yet! Am starting a pre and postnatal fitness company and trying to find ways of getting the word out to all mums and mums to be around Clapham! Have found a fab instructor to teach pre and post natal yoga (suitable for both) and another lovely lady to teach buggy pushing classes.
Yoga Weds 11.30 held at Fitness First and buggy pushing yet to be decided when & which park...
Any help/ideas would be muchly appreciated

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