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MGMidget Wed 27-Aug-08 15:33:52

I wondered if any local mumsnetters had children at any of these local schools or had picked up any feedback on them from friends/neighbours whose children attend? I've read the Ofsted reports and Good Schools Guides but would love to know what experience local mumsnetters have had of these schools. Many thanks.
Thomas' Clapham
Finton House
Broomwood Hall
Hornsby House
Dolphin School

TheBlonde Thu 28-Aug-08 10:15:33

here are my old threads on this private

Thomas & Finton you need to register at birth, Hornsby & Broomwood as soon as possible after

Thomas is selective and doesn't do the interviews until after everyone else wants a deposit

cheesychips Fri 29-Aug-08 20:15:43

Belleville Ofsted 'outstanding'
Amazing Head, but huge school 600+ kids.
Attracts liberal arts/media types.

MGMidget Sat 30-Aug-08 13:54:11

Thanks, have done the registration shortly after birth bit (and some school tours) with many of the private schools already as had no idea at that stage what school (if any) would suit best. Very useful to hear from those who know more about the schools than I do though as the tours don't tell you everything! Still interested in the local state schools though (we might fulfill the catchment criteria if we're lucky). However, the tutoring bit concerns me - they may not be so great after all!

Mum29 Wed 09-Sep-09 21:32:41

Hi All,
We're thinking of moving to the Earlsfield area. Can anyone recommend any good state primary schools in this area?
Thanks v much for your help, everyone!

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