Would you like a break from cooking and pureeing?

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LittlePicklePots Wed 29-Mar-17 15:27:37

Would you like to offer your baby something delicious, healthy, unprocessed, and nutritious which is made by mums, but that also gives you a break from cooking or pureeing?

Check us out at www.littlepicklepots.com

We are three Wandsworth mums who launched Little Pickle Pots in January this year to provide a healthy and convenient food option for babies from 6+ months. All made by Wandsworth mums and delivered to your door. Freshly frozen to lock in all the nutrients.

We have a range of pots for 8+ months, both meat and veggie: salmon, lamb, chicken, lentils, pork, cheesy pasta. The recipes are original and delicious, the meat and fish is organic and where possible, the veggies are too. Our pots come in a smooth or chunky texture to grow with your baby's development.

We also have our Teeny Weany Rainbow Range of purees for the very early weaners from 6+ months. These come in 50ml frozen cubes. You can order packs of: Apple and Plum, Parsnip and Beetroot, Sweet potato and Carrot, Broccoli and Pear. As well as this, you could try our First Bites pack which includes single 50ml cubes of frozen veg: Courgette, Butternut Squash, Celeriac, Carrot, Pear, Nectarine, Pea. These can either be given separately or mixed together for combined tastes.

And for those little people who prefer to eat with their hands, or for a healthy toddler snack, we have: Gingerbread Men, Crustless Quiches and Oat Bites. All SALT FREE and SUGAR FREE.

So for healthy, frozen, delicious meals for your little pickles, order online and we will bring it to you.

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