Is roehampton area opposite the altons safe to live with kids?

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X5354 Thu 24-Nov-16 21:21:05

Thinking abt moving to the roehampton area opposite the altons which seems v nice but noticed massive concrete jungle across the road? Would love to hear from residents (aka those in the know) whether this is safe for kids ?

Bellseybub Mon 23-Jan-17 13:51:19


I hope this reply isnt too late! We moved from Putney Hill to Roehampton last March and had the same concerns but we are extremely surprised at how lovely and villagey it feels. We are the opposite side of the road from Alton at Putney Heath and the sense of green space is brilliant. Yes Roehampton Lane feels a little edgy, but in real terms, it seems absolutely fine. People around us in the village are very friendly and real community. I really think this area is on the up, and given its proximity to Richmond Park, there is alot of speculation regarding what will happen to the concrete jungle in the longer term given its prime location. Hope this helps smile

EnglishRose34 Sun 26-Mar-17 14:37:04

I live on the Roehampton Lane (in a street off there) and I feel extremely safe. It's a lovely area both for families and to live in general as you have Wimbledon Village (nice restaurants, pubs, designer shops) a ten min drive away. You also have East Sheen with all those everyday shops and Waitrose a ten min drive away. Plus you have Putney and Barnes both a ten min drive away too (or a short bus ride of a few stops). I'm a stay at home wife with a baby and a husband who works in town and we absolutely love being in that area. It's just so convenient for so many reasons plus the commute into London from Barnes station is easy/ short too. Inbox me if you'd like to ask anything else! Xx

EnglishRose34 Sun 26-Mar-17 14:39:43

I should add - that concrete jungle is about to undergo a massive redevelopment over the next few years. Some of the uglier buildings on the estate are being redone and will become less unsightly. If you have questions about it then it's public information you can obtain from the internet and also through the local mp - Justine Greening - you could email her via her website. Good luck! X

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