Missing black-white cat Jimmy - SW11 1XG

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vanessaadriaansen Mon 10-Oct-16 15:06:49

Dear Wandsworth mums,

Our 10 month old cat, Jimmy, hasn't returned home since Friday September 30th. And we're getting rather desperate and would really love him to come home to us soon. We are extremely concerned that something has happened to him as he has never been away during a single night let alone for a week.

We searched the area around our backyard on Leathwaite Rd. (which faces the small Clapham Common and playground) also made our way from Leathwaite to Clapham South station, streets in between, the area between Leathwaite Road and Northcote road from Battersea Rise to Broomwood Road. Unfortunately no sign of him. We walked all the way across the common and around the common several times. Searched near Clapham Common underground as well. We put posters up mainly in SW11 and in the schools there.

We recieved several calls an texts from people, but either it wasn't Jim or he was already gone. We would love all the help we can get and would appreciate it very much if people could help us.

I would like to ask you to keep an extra eye out for Jimmy when you're out and about. If you do spot him, please call us asap and try and keep Jimmy safe (take him home if possibe) for us and we will most definately come over as soon as possible, as soon as our legs or bike can take us there, day or night.
Please check your basements, sheds etc. to make sure he isn't locked in somewhere.

Jim is a very, very friendly cat and definitely not shy to humans (unless something nasty happened to him since he's missing maybe). When you pet him he immediately starts to purr. His colour is mainly black with a white nose (a black spot on the pink bit), white whiskers and white eyebrows, a bit white on his neck and on his belly and white short socks on each paw.

He is microchipped but not wearing a collar (first thing to change once he's back).
Any other tips on how to look for him are most welcome.
I have good pics of Jimmy and can always send them to you if desired and also an A4-poster if people would like display it somewhere. Please send me a personal message.
Feel free to share this post with friends and locals.

Enclosed also the shortlink to the missing Jimmy post on Animalsearch.co.uk: tiny.cc/oconfy

My number is 07538 118877
and my partner Mike is 07464 544285
We're on 47a Leathwaite Road, SW11

Many thanks!!! We really really aprreciate it a lot.
Vanessa (& Mike)

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