Moving to Clapham - advice needed

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soodster Sun 12-Jun-16 20:57:02

Hello all,

We are moving from South Africa to Clapham shortly. Our DS will be starting Reception at Eaton House the Manor this September and we are looking for a nursery for our DD - she will be 18 months old in September. We had a few questions for local parents in advance of our move:

1. Any thoughts on Bright Horizons Clapham Village Nursery for our DD (helpfully, right next to Clapham Station)?
2. Any thoughts on Kids Unlimited Nursery on Northcote Road for our DD?
3. Is it common to share nannies or have a person who helps with pick-ups from local families and drop-offs at schools and nurseries? We are looking for someone to drop off with DS to school or DD to nursery in the mornings.

Any other helpful hints or things to bear in mind? We will move to Clapham in August. If anyone is able to spare some time to chat over the phone and share their knowledge, that would be super appreciated. Thanks!

Greydove Sun 12-Jun-16 21:06:25

Nappyvalleynet is a useful local website
Nanny shares are common but usually for hours at a time not just drop off/pick up
Lots of people use aupairs too

Do you want preschool nursery hours or full days so you can work?
Most part time preschools start at 2 years / 2.5 years

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