Sort of market research... would any Wandsworth mums be interested in an ad hoc DAYTIME babysitter?

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Everhart Mon 06-Jun-16 21:38:32

I'm just thinking this all through at the moment and have no idea if there would be any demand.

I'm a mother of one, school fees are imminent and we need all the extra income we can get!

I was wondering if there would be any demand out there for a babysitter who'd come over to your house and play with/read to/entertain pre-school aged kids? NOT a nanny, as I wouldn't be able to commit to anything permanent or long hours. I guess I'm thinking of people who don't have regular childcare but who need the occasional morning slot to visit elderly parents/get their hair done/go for a long drive to escape their chidlren etc! The kind of thing you'd love to get a good friend or jolly godmother to do for you (3ish hours of looking after your children) but when you don't have that available.

Any demand, do you think? I'm not sure I'd even know how to go about establishing myself and am not really in the zone to do so for a few months (other freelance work coming to an end) but I'm trying to identify if there's a need. I'm REALLY good at keeping small children happy and hugely good at creative play (the sort that many parents just don't have the time or patience for) and I'm older (40s) with a daughter of my own so even though I'm not qualified in childcare or anything, I do think I'd be able to offer more than just some random babysitter...

Aaaaanyway, just wondering if anyone thinks it's the sort of thing that could get any traction in Wandsworth, or if there are in fact gazillions of smart people doing this already?!


toomuchribbon Fri 21-Oct-16 13:28:17

Hi! A bit late to this but I think this is a great idea! In fact a friend and I were only saying recently this was EXACTLY what we need but couldn't find!
And even better if you are happy to do lots of creative play as it makes a much more positive thing of the time for the children.

Are you still considering it? I'm in Barnes though, not Wandsworth but not far...

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