Southfields Town Centre Shops to close!

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CaptainNjork Tue 26-Apr-16 09:08:59

All the shops opposite Southfields tube (233-243 Wimbledon Park Road), including the French deli, the antiques shop and the taxi rank, have been given 6 months’ notice to quit as the owner wants to convert the ground floor and basement of the current shops into flats.

They'd keep a very small section at the front of each as retail but that's it. It would be a real shame for Southfields, removing most of the vibrant local shops we love from the centre.

There's a planning application online that you can leave comments on here although it looks like planning permission might not even be needed as it seems to be covered by 'permitted development' (which was the same reason local councillors couldn't do anything to save nearby Sunny News either).

Still can't hurt to object.

CaptainNjork Tue 26-Apr-16 09:15:35

The link above takes you to the application relating to the dry cleaners and bookmakers but there are others for the rest of the shops too:

here for Chanteroy and the Beauty Room;
here for the hairdressers and taxi firm;
and here for the antique shop.

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