To close Dr Johnson Avenue (across Tooting Common) to traffic, or not?

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LocalEditorWandsworth Sat 09-Apr-16 17:40:42

Wandsworth Council is currently consulting on a plan to close Dr Johnson Avenue (which goes through Tooting Common from Tooting Bec Road to the Heaver estate) to traffic.

The plan was originally suggested last year and a smaller consultation done at the time showed a small majority in favour but generated complaints from the residents of nearby Elmbourne Avenue who were worried it would funnel traffic along their street instead. So a proposal to stop traffic turning right into Elmbourne Avenue from Tooting Bec Road was added to the plan.

Judging by twitter, local opinion seems divided (and heated) Those in favour stress the benefits to users of the Common and the wildlife it houses. Those, against are concerned that the plan will cause extra traffic on surrounding residential roads (in particular Bedford Hill and Garrads Road but also lots of other nearby roads as drivers try to find cut throughs to Balham).

The consultation is open until this Friday (15th April) so have your say here.

Drmikesquires Sat 09-Apr-16 19:32:48

It is only a trial. Let's give it a chance

Greydove Sat 09-Apr-16 19:36:43

It's been very poorly thought out
There is also no right turn at the Tooting Bec intersection so where are people supposed to go?

They would be better off campaigning to have the railway tracks covered over

Drmikesquires Sat 09-Apr-16 20:16:41

That is what a trial will find out

Greydove Sat 09-Apr-16 20:48:09

How will the effects of the trial be measured?

LeeTaylor Sat 09-Apr-16 21:14:29

Register OBJECTIONS here...
AND here...
Consultation closing date 15 April 2016

These proposals will increase traffic on numerous roads, impacting residents in BEDFORD ward & STREATHAM - these proposals will INCREASE POLLUTION on already congested roads, they will increase distance to travel and increase journey times. These plans will also make it much harder for residents of BEDFORD & FURZEDOWN wards South of Tooting Bec Road to reach Balham, Clapham and beyond.

All Owners / Residents South of Tooting Bec Road would suffer a very severe impact from these proposals, the majority of whom frequently travel to Balham, Clapham and beyond for work and access to grocery & retail shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and other local businesses.

Closure of Dr Johnson Ave and a no right turn into Elmbourne Road approaching from the Tooting Bec / Church Lane junction would effectively cut residents off from anywhere North of Tooting Bec Road with the only alternatives being Eatonville Road / Upper Tooting Park via Tooting Bec Station (a route which already suffers extreme congestion) or Garrad's Road which would considerably add to all journey times and cause further congestion on Bedford Hill - these plans would SEVERELY increase traffic levels on surrounding roads and increase pollution.

The following roads will be impacted;

- Mantilla Road, Moring Road, Lucien Road, Brudenell Road, Topsham Road, Romberg Road, Foulser Road and Dafforne Road as cars avoid congestion on Tooting Bec Road and navigate on to the A24

- Mantilla Road, Moring Road, Lucien Road, Brudenell Road, Topsham Road, Franciscan Road, Montana Road and Avoca Road as cars navigate to make a left hand turn in to Elmbourne Road

- Garrad's Road and Bedford Hill as cars travelling to / from the south east / east will use these roads

- Ritherdon Road, Veronica Road, Terrapin Road & Hillbury Road as cars avoid congestion on Bedford Hill and try to access the Heaver Estate (including Saint Anselm's School).

Register OBJECTIONS here...
AND here...
Consultation closing date 15 April 2016

CaptainNjork Sat 09-Apr-16 21:16:05

It's a crazy plan. People will be turning up all the residential roads off to the left past Elmbourne to turn around so they can go back and left up Elmbourne. Furzedown will be marooned. Garrads road and Bedford Hill will be half as busy again as it all ready is slowing buses and making life difficult for all the families travelling to the schools off the corner.

Bad for traffic, bad for cyclists, bad for pedestrians and bad for residents (unless you are lucky enough to live on Elmbourne itself).

LeeTaylor Sat 09-Apr-16 21:26:21

Elmbourne is no better off either...

SWeet16resident Tue 12-Apr-16 20:38:07

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the common a safer place for all residents and visitors. There is already too much traffic pollution in London and as with all road closures, for example during roadworks, motorists always find alternative routes or modes of transport to get from A to B. It is after all a trial, Loughborough Junction was remodelled after Lambeth Council found their proposals didn't work. Give our children the right to breathe fresh air. Sign the petition to green up Tooting Commons.

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