Great Little Trading Co coming to Wandsworth

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AnnieGLTC Mon 15-Feb-16 08:45:42

Hi, I'm Annie, married to Jamie, and we're the proud parents of Great Little Trading Co, a mail-order and online company that sells high-quality children's furniture, room accessories and wooden toys.

GLTC HQ has been in Wandsworth for over ten years now so, when we were looking to open our first ever High Street showroom, we wanted to keep it local and build it close to home.

We've just started converting a large retail unit on Buckholt Road, opposite the Virgin Gym, into what we hope will be a really gorgeous space where you can see the full range of GLTC products, try the beds, see the toys and give everything the 'wobble test'.

We hope to open at the end of April and we'd love to meet local parents and their children to say hello. If you have any questions about GLTC, the showroom or our stuff, please ask away.

The Showroom is our family dream, it's taken 12 years of running the company and a lot of planning to get here. We won't get everything right, but we'll work hard and try our absolute best.

I look forward to talking to you,
Yours, Annie @ GLTC

Whenwillwe3meetagain Wed 13-Apr-16 17:38:04

Just found your post as googled you as I went past the new shop on the bus just now. Looking forward to you opening and congratulations.

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