Opinions on Booking Removal Cpmpanies Please.

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Imogen69 Fri 15-Jan-16 01:49:59

Please could anyone recommend a good removals company in the Wandsworth area. Also could you advice me on the going rate for a two bedroom flat pack and move and whether it is normal to pay a deposit.

Thanks very much.

jesskarlen1 Fri 15-Jan-16 02:08:14

Hi Imogen

The last two times I moved I used Rutherfords Of London. I think they are very good. The guys are always friendly and professional and they are reasonably priced. They packed for me with care and skill and they moved everything without damage or drama. I do not know if it is common practice to take a deposit, but they have never asked for a deposit from me. Also they are quite a small company, or where a couple of years ago, so did not charge VAT which helped with the price.

Their number is 0207 1938 155. The website is www.rutherfordslondon.co.uk

Good luck

GlammyGrannyHaHa Mon 18-Jan-16 19:18:17

I would highly recommend Burke & Wills www.burkeandwills.co.uk/, they are highly professional and a number of my friends have used them - I was actually in the house of one friend when they were 'packing up' and I can confirm that they are extremely good.

I don't know about the going rate, nor do I know about deposits.

Imogen69 Sat 23-Jan-16 15:25:08

Thanks for the recommendations. Couldnt get through on the phone to Burke and Wills. Got a quote from Rutherfords and a few others.Was a bit of a pain in the neck getting lots of quotes. I decided to go with Rutherfords. My move is in 3 weeks. I'm really going to miss mumsnet local Wandsworth and all the support I've had from other mums re being a SAHM for now. really helped relieve the boredom. I'm moving for part-time work to Harrow, which will help me to get the best of both worlds working at my daughter's school PT and DH can commute relatively easily to work in the City. Will miss the Cafe Parisienne on Wandsworth Road.


LocalEditorWandsworth Sun 24-Jan-16 11:21:30

Aw, glad you have found the site useful Imogen. We have a busy local site for Harrow too local.mumsnet.com/harrow so hopefully that should help you find a Cafe Parisienne replacement!

Best of luck with the move!

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