DD's head shaved at nursery!!

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livvyid Sat 20-Jun-15 10:30:20

Look what happened to my baby at nursery !! I collected her on Tuesday to find another child had shaved her head ....

And how did they come to have shavers ?? Well one of the teachers thought it would enhance their play and brought in her own from home which had power in it (in the second picture)!!! Apparently they risk assessed this as safe to play with for under 4s !!

Words fail me but wanted to warn people who might be thinking about using this nursery - it happened at DESTINY KIDS NURSERY in Battersea.

I've removed my DD and informed both OFSTED and the council - definitely steer clear!

CaptainNjork Tue 23-Jun-15 09:09:12

Oh my God - that is terrifying. If they are happy for them to play with shavers, I'd be really worried about what other unsafe practices might be happening.

Hope you find a new nursery for your DD soon and that OFSTED sort them out.

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