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cybersarahj Sun 08-Mar-15 11:07:00

Can anyone recommend a conveyancer who covers Southfields area?

ViewFromThe4thFloor Mon 09-Mar-15 11:53:02

I have found Hepburns to be very good. Moderate price, efficient and friendly. They are based in Dulwich but effectively work all over.

CaptainNjork Tue 10-Mar-15 13:55:42

Yes, these days you don't really need your solicitor to live anywhere near the property you are buying or selling.

I've used this guy four times now and been very impressed. He got everything through very quickly with a minimum of hassle. He's based in Swindon but covers everywhere.

GlammyGrannyHaHa Wed 11-Mar-15 17:09:11

I would recommend Alen-Buckley; the firm is based on (or just off) Bellevue Road, Wandsworth Common.

I had dealings with them for many years - professionally - and have also used them personally.

JamesWeston Mon 06-Jul-15 19:26:59

Hi, I am an estate agent in the area and my advice would be not to scrimp on solicitors costs, I would also use a London based one. So many solicitors outside of London finish at 5:30, seem to do half days on Friday and just don't seem to get the fact that the rest of us work much longer hours. It would also be an idea to ask the solicitors acting for the other side whether they have any solicitors they get along well with. You would not believe some of the petty arguing I have seen between solicitors, even down to correcting each other's grammar! If you would like any recommendations, or indeed any other advice feel free to get in touch. I think you can message here directly can't you?

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