Teenagers in Battersea Park playgrounds

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CaptainNjork Thu 03-Apr-14 20:03:04

Twice this week when I've been at the playground with my kids, there have been large groups of unruly teens.

Today there was an actual fight which ended only when some of the mothers of the little kids in the playground pulled a boy off of a girl he was repeatedly punching in the face. It later started up again in the middle of the children's playground before the police finally arrived.

Has anyone else noticed that it has become more of a problem since the change to the adventure playground? The whole area is a lot more open meaning kids of all ages are mixed in together whereas before the older kids stuck to the adventure playground with the littler ones in the normal playground. Plus of course, the adventure playground was staffed so the teens were kept a bit in check.

LocalEditorWandsworth Fri 04-Apr-14 09:20:46

Someone else mentioned this on twitter earlier in the week - think it was Monday.

Were the kids wearing their school uniforms? If so might be worth telling the school as I'm sure they won't be happy about it.

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