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UKtoParis Tue 25-Mar-14 13:21:09

Looking out for some advice on the following all comments will be greatly appreciated.
We are looking to move into the Clapham area not sure yet where or into the Wimbledon area and so I wanted to ask of you how bad or not so bad is the disturbance of airplanes on your neighborhood?
The questions comes about as we travel extensively for work so the last thing we want is to be under an airplane path - is this avoidable in these areas or is this just a fact of life?
Thanks in advance for your comments

TootingNell Thu 27-Mar-14 09:23:22

We see planes regularly on their flight path but they aren't low enough to be noisy. Depends where you live, ask neighbours when you go to visit properties. You'll be more concerned about road noise to be honest!

BrixtonMortar Thu 27-Mar-14 20:47:00

This sounds weird, but if you can, have a listen t about 5am.

There are regular complaints n the east Dulwich Forum about plane noise in the earl mornings. There seems to be an approach where planes come in and follow a line form E Dulwich to Brixton and I'm not sure where after that. But the noise is most noticeable when the traffic doesn't drown it out!

But it isn't like being in W London / Sheen /Kew where it is horrendous, IMO.

LocalEditorWandsworth Thu 27-Mar-14 21:11:56

Wandsworth Council's been running a consultation in response to the planned Heathrow expansion and it is worth having a look at the comments people have left about how much they are affected by flight noise already. You can see them here

Have to agree with most of the comments there that something odd is going on with the flight paths recently which has resulted in more plane noise.

Although, I think the only reason we are noticing it is because there was practically no aircraft noise before. Certainly nothing like being in Kew or Chiswick!

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