Positive aspects of parenting a child or adult with a learning disability. Can you help?

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thesyn Tue 18-Mar-14 09:23:21

I am the parent of a child who has both learning and physical disabilities and I'm currently undertaking a PhD at London South Bank University exploring the positive aspects of parenting a child or adult with a learning disability and I wondered if you would be able to help me with my research?

Although the stresses are undeniable(!), there are publications which highlight positive aspects of parenting/caring (such as personal growth, becoming more tolerant, less materialistic..etc) however, these studies are mainly of carers for older people and carers for people with dementia. The Downs Syndrome association do have a section on their website about the positive 'effects' of caring but go on to say that this needs further research.

Parents supporting their children with a learning disability are known to spend the longest amount of time as carers (perpetual parents...) and my PhD which involves exploring these positive aspects across the lifespan.

The research will involve one 60 minute interview at a mutually convenient time and place. Please be assured that all information provided is confidential and will be anonymised so that you will not be identifiable in any way.

If you are interested, know anyone else who might be interested, or would just like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Carole Beighton on 0207 815 8351, 07932 091 560 or email beightoc@lsbu.ac.uk. Thank you very much.

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