Graveney and Dunraven

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LocalEditorWandsworth Fri 28-Feb-14 10:07:17

Pinching this from an interesting discussion on difficulties of getting into Graveney where the catchment area is down to under 500m or your child needs to ace the Wandsworth test (score needed in 2013 was 244 in the final round of offers which I think equates to about 90%).

I was surprised by these statistics comparing Graveney and Dunraven's performance but found them enlightening:

From the DOE Performance Tables:

Demography / intake:

Graveney: Low attainers 9%
Middle Attainers 38%
High Attainers 53% (and 13.9 FSM)

Dunraven: Low attainers: 13%
Middle Attainers: 54%
High Attainers: 26% (and 24% FSM)

So, in a school with more than twice as high a % of high attainers at Graveney (and a big discrepancy in FSM), these are the overall average comparative GCSE A-C inc Eng&Maths for the school as a whole

Graveney: 2011: 77%
2012: 79%
2013: 75%

Dunraven: 2011: 73%
2012: 72%
2013: 75%

Comparing like for like (i.e attainer group against attainer group) the % getting 5GCSE inc maths and Eng:

Graveney - middle attainers: 63%
high attainers: 96%

Dunrave-: middle attainers: 76%
high attainers: 98%

Average score per qualification:

Graveney- High Attainers:A-
Middle Attainers: C+

Dunraven -High Attainers: B+
Middle Attainers: C+

So, on this comparator Graveney gets a better score for it's high attainers - but those high attainers represent a super-selective intake. It gets the same score for middle attainers, where you would expect the groups to be more comparable.

So, if you remove the impact of the super-selective stream, Dunraven's results are broadly equal to Graveney's.

Might ease the pressure for some of you!

BrixtonMortar Fri 07-Mar-14 23:07:16

Dunraven is an excellent school, but it's catchment in some bands is as tight as Graveney's and only extends to just under a mile (safest walking route) in the widest, so I'm not sure it is an option from any Wandsworth addresses?

You might stand a chance on appeal for it's music offer though, the range of tuition and clubs, choirs and bands is extraordinary and the orchestra is of an incredibly high standard.

LocalEditorWandsworth Sat 08-Mar-14 10:02:29

Good point but for 2013 the Graveney distance was a tiny 532m for the non-selective stream and so a lot of Furzedown falls outside of the Graveney catchment but just inside the Dunraven one despite Graveney being the closer school (i.e. the chunk on the opposite side of Moyser Road from Graveney).

BrixtonMortar Sat 08-Mar-14 21:25:24

The other aspect is that many families securely in the Dunraven catchment are now not bothering with the Wandsworth test, so that frees up a tiny bit of pressure on the selective places.

LocalEditorWandsworth Tue 25-Mar-14 09:01:07

For anyone thinking about Graveney for their children, this is worth a look. It explains the schools plans to expand across Welham Road giving it a much bigger site.

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