Looking for a playgroup/activity classes for 3 year old

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KelliDoug Tue 25-Feb-14 08:00:29


I am looking for a playgroup or classes around the Battersea/Clapham junction Area for my daughter who has just turned 3 years old. I noticed that many of the playgroups may be more focused towards babies.

We currently have our flat on the market, but as many of you may know, this process can take quite a while. Ugh! She would normally be in a nursery setting, but as we are moving we have not placed her in one. I am looking for a lovely playgroup or classes that she can socialize and meet new friends.

Does anyone know of any good playgroups that focus a bit more on 3 year old activity vs babies or any activity classes that you can recommend in the Battersea area? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

LocalEditorWandsworth Tue 25-Feb-14 17:49:24

I'm not sure about playgroups but will ask around for you.

The Old School Club has some good craft / art classes for that age group - details here http://theoldschoolclub.co.uk/children-creche/

For something more active you could try the Little Gym - it's a bit of a bus ride as it is down by the river at Wandsworth (just down from the dump!) but a good bet for that age group as they start them doing more formal gymnastics.

Or how about a ballet class? Fancy Footwork does one for that age group at the Chatham Hall on Northcote Road or Vacani do one at Broomwood Methodist hall.

My daughter always loved Amanda's Action Club classes at that age as they are a bit more energetic than most of the other music classes with lots of dancing. They run most mornings at the Common Ground Café on Wandsworth Common.

Finally, the old One O'clock Club off Bolingbroke Grove is now running daily Stay and Play sessions which might be good for her. There's a decent outside space, usually a couple of art or craft activities, plenty of toys and other kids to socialise with.

Arismama Sun 02-Mar-14 21:29:34

We do fancy footwork classes. Also you could try Somerset on Battersea church road. It's a nursery and children's centre. Might be a bit far but it's free and they do lots of different activities like painting/sandbox/play dough etc.
we also do Battersea zoo sometimes, swimming at the latchmere, and gambado (Chelsea) we have an annual pass.
Also try the war museum...the soft play is excellent.

We are doing an art class at Bank bar on north toe road tomorrow.
Hmmm what else? There's a play group at st Stephens (sp?) that some of the mums I know go to...also Eat Play Love offer quite a few interesting classes (tactile play & creative movement dance) might be worth looking at.

CaptainNjork Mon 03-Mar-14 11:36:14

If she is active you could try playball - my DD loves that - she goes to a class on Clapham Common but I think there is one in Battersea Park too. Her class is for kids 3+ so there'd be lots of children your DD's age - although that does mean that the classes are in the afternoons as most of the kids are in nurseries in the am.

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