Primary School Admission Distances 2013

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LocalEditorWandsworth Fri 14-Feb-14 20:40:41

This is always a hot topic, so I thought a summary of what the distances were for last year might help. I asked the Council and here is the data they have given me - this is the furthest distance away from each Wandsworth primary school that children who were offered places at them lived (for children admitted on distance criteria alone i.e. not siblings).

School Distance (m)

Albemarle 299.8683
Alderbrook 5979.0984
All Saint’s (CE) N/A
Allfarthing 281.5138
Beatrix Potter 1071.9739
Belleville 274.0456
Brandlehow 532.8799
Broadwater 933.1458
Chesterton 750.5365
Christchurch (CE) N/A
Eardley 7397.5553
Earlsfield 769.6395
Falconbrook 1171.2088
Fircroft 584.9829
Franciscan 2162.1660
Furzedown 500.6326
Gatton (Muslim) N/A
Granard 1061.5710
Heathmere 2246.8033
Hillbrook 28659.7724
Holy Ghost (RC) N/A
High View 9134.0362
Honeywell 232.8991
Hotham – Bilingual 154.3826
Hotham – Open 346.7636
John Burns 672.6790
Our Lady Of Victories (RC) N/A
Our Lady Queen of Heaven (RC) N/A
Ravenstone 592.7715
Penwortham 957.4304
Riversdale 3218.7316
Roehampton (CE) N/A
Ronald Ross 1126.4173
Rutherford House 2950.2197
Sacred Heart(Battersea) (RC) N/A
Sacred Heart(Roehampton) (RC) N/A
St Anne’s (CE) N/A
St Anselm’s (RC) N/A
St Boniface (RC) N/A
St Faith’s (CE) 2020.9248
St George’s (CE) –Open Places 346.0361
St Joseph’s (RC) N/A
St Mary’s (Batt) (RC) N/A
St Michael’s (CE) Open Places 140.289
Sellincourt 577.9567
St Mary’s (Putney) (CE) Open Places 51.1077
Sheringdale 194.6535
Sir James Barrie 5648.5865
Shaftesbury Park – Bilingual Places. 5079.5693
Shaftesbury Park – Open Places 5265.9548
Smallwood 2677.4802
Swaffield 1122.0004
Southmead 2288.3081
The Alton 581.1239
Tooting 9331.7785
Trinity St Mary’s (CE) N/A
Westbridge 5315.0633
Wix – Bilingual Places 0
Wix – Open Places 418.379
West Hill 15004.3261

It does seem that the real competition for places is confined to the area around Northcote Road, with 232m and 274m for Honeywell and Belleville respectively (although Allfarthing, Albermarle and Sheringdale also had tiny areas).

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