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mizcloud Thu 17-Oct-13 12:21:08

We're an italian family from Rome, relocated just 3 months ago. Mum is starting a job as a pastry chef and dad works in central london. The kids go to honeywell and belleville schools which are very close by. Y4 & Y5.
We love healthy cooking, art, music, movies and books.
Kids play piano and guitar.
Strictly no-smoking!

We are looking for an enthusiastic, friendly,reliable and flexible au pair WITH EXPERIENCE an a VERY GOOD KNOWLEDGE of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE to join our family to help look after our two children, aged 8yrs and 9.

You will have your own bedroom and bathroom, wifi, food, board and weekly pocket money. We live in a family friendly part of London near lots of shops and parks, SW11, just off northcote rd, and there are lots of other families and au pairs that you can meet.

If you are:
-experienced in this sort of role
-have the right to be in the UK and to travel in Europe
-love children, and interested in being part of our family
-can start ASAP

Duties will include:
- dropping off / collecting from school (sometimes might not be needed depending on work shift, mum can be at home)
- organising playdates, helping with homework
- taking them to the park, playground, museums, b4 & after school activities
- getting them up in the mornings, preparing breakfast and lunch boxes
- 2-3 nights babysitting per week
- additional work during half terms and holidays
-There will also be some light housework for the children’s things, as well as helping keep the house tidy (we also have a cleaner), helping with the laundry, some grocery shopping, and sometimes helping prepare meals.

Please if u think u fit, call me on 07914 162853 or skype the4ferris

MariePol Fri 28-Mar-14 11:24:05

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