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wandsworthma Tue 21-May-13 12:08:11

We are a local group run on a voluntary basis offering help and support to bereaved parents and families who have suffered the death of a baby either before, during, or after birth.

This support is is open to all bereaved parents and their families and friends.

If you are reading this page because you have lost a baby, whether recently or long ago, we are very sorry for your loss. All of us in South West London SANDS have suffered a similar loss.

We know how it feels ? the grief, the isolation, the intense emotions. We are just like you, Mums and Dads whose precious babies have died. Only other bereaved families can truly understand the feelings of loss and despair

You may not want anything from us right away. We are here to help whenever you feel you need it. That may be now or in a few weeks, months or even years.

Please telephone us on 07951 229 425. If you leave your contact details, someone will call you back as soon as possible.

South West London Sands runs groups to support parents through bereavement and also subsequent pregnancy which we know can be a stressful time.

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