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Oldtimer2013 Tue 07-May-13 21:23:54

Can anyone tell me more about this school please? I know that Sheringdale is the most popular school in the Southfields area, aside from the church schools, and was impressed when I looked around it. However it is very small, and has a tiny catchment area so the majority of children in Southfields, in particular in the grid area, do not get in there. I looked around Riversdale and thought it seemed nice enough- it lacked the cosy atmosphere of Sheringdale, but it appeared to be a good school. Riversdale seems to be inexplicably avoided by a lot of parents, despite it having a swimming pool, good outdoor space and enthusiastic teachers. Would love some first- hand info on it as my daughter and a number of other parents I know have places for September, and I am a bit unsure about what to do. Thanks!

Oldtimer2013 Tue 07-May-13 21:37:23

Also, I have not heard much about Albermarle, but it gets better results than some and has an outstanding Ofsted- anyone know about this one? Thank you for your help.

Cocoab Mon 13-May-13 18:05:47

Just wanted to bump this for you as I am also very interested. We live on the grid and it looks like Riversdale will be the only option for us next year. I haven't met anyone with kids at the school though so would really like some feedback.

I don't know much about Albermale but think its pretty over subscribed too!

Cb x

Naz2881 Mon 16-Sep-13 22:05:44

We just moved into Inner Park Road, any advice regarding schools would be appreciated. At the moment its a nightmare trying to find a place for my two girls

Hopemore Sun 13-Oct-13 16:27:12


Monowolf Tue 22-Oct-13 14:55:58

My daughter went to nursery at Riversdale and it was lovely. She moved for Primary school but from what I have heard the school is doing very well. My daughter is at an often overlooked school - St Anne's CoE which is also an excellent school but perhaps not on the top of the list for Southfields parents. Do consider this school too if you are looking.

Mumptious Mon 18-Nov-13 14:25:13

How old are your children? Have you considered Mosaic Jewish Primary School? It is a new free school that opened this September on Queensmere Road (just along from Inner Park Road). The school is a 50% open / 50% faith place school. http://www.mjps.org.uk

Jenniflowers Wed 20-Nov-13 00:54:19

A friend's child went to this school and did well! Her little brother came to our nursery (we are very close to Sheringdale and Riversdale).

childof79 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:54:58

Mumptious a friend of mine looked at this school. She loved the idea but felt a couple of the mothers came across as quite anti Christian. _could you please confirm the stance of the school.

sazbo Fri 20-Dec-13 21:20:12

I live between Sheringdale and Riversdale Schools. Like most people locally I put Sheringdale down as my first choice. We got a place at Riversdale and I am really happy that we did. He has just finished his first term and I can safely say I wouldn't contemplate moving him if he got offer a place at Sheringdale now. Riversdale is an amazing school. The teaching is fantastic. There is a genuine focus on ensuring every child meets their full potential. The pupil progress rates are the second highest in the borough and in the top one percentile nationally.

My son is one of the youngest in his class but has thrived over the past 3 months. He is now starting to read and write, they have a dedicated art teacher and teach Spanish. The school has its own swimming pool and all children from nursery up get weekly swimming lessons. Kids can also do football, tennis and gymnastics after school. They have a breakfast club and team up with St Michaels for after school club. In addition to the teachers there are loads of ancillary staff and teaching assistants, they really help ensure all the kids as happy and well settled.

It's a classic Victorian building (and listed) which I know some people don't like but there is a big programme of building work over the next two years so it's getting better all the time. The is also an very active and growing PTC

The school embraces all faiths, so the kids learned about Eid and Divali this year as well as having traditional Christian nativity which was beautiful and attended by lots of parents from all faiths. I've certainly. It experience any anti-Christian feeling.

Greenleaf44 Mon 20-Jan-14 11:31:07

I am a mother of two children, both of whom have attended Riversdale Primary School - my daughter is still there. Both of my children have thrived at Riversdale. They are both avid readers, consuming books at an alarming rate (Riversdale also do library visits which has been helpful!) and keen swimmers (yes, the lovely in-house swimming pool helped with their love of water).

It is always a good idea to visit your local schools before making any decisions about which school to apply for. Riversdale offers an excellent tour of the school for interested parents. (I have heard that as many people are now hearing such great things about Riversdale the tour is very well attended, you need to book a place via the friendly school office).

If you go on the tour you will be able to see for yourself. The incredibly warm, happy atmosphere is impossible to ignore. The children are smiling, well behaved, communicative, and full of enthusiasm. Riversdale has many clubs (Chess Club, Maths Club, Drama club etc) - my daughter goes to the Drama Club (taught by a very talented qualified drama teacher and an equally qualified member of staff) and she absolutely adores it. There is an excellent Breakfast Club (which runs for an hour before school, which is a great resource for working parents). The school has a very active PTC - they plant spring bulbs, organise some amazingly successful events (anybody who went to the wonderful Christmas fair will know what I mean), put out an attractive and informative newsletter (so do Riversdale, I always enjoy reading it).

The teaching is excellent, and the results speak for themselves. If you look at the school’s website - www.riversdaleprimaryschool.co.uk you will find a letter written by the Minisister of State for Education, Mr David Laws MP. He congratulates the school for their performance in 2013 “Your school is exceptionally effective in educating its pupils”. The staff/pupil ratio seems very high to me - last time I walked around the school there seemed to be 2/3 adults in each class and lots of eager students being taught in small groups by an adult. As well as the full time paid staff they seem to have a lots of qualified volunteers who help with reading, trips etc. The teacher/parent communication is excellent. All staff are totally approachable and when I have needed to talk to the Headteacher she has made herself immediately available.

Personally I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to have been able to have had places at Riversdale for both of my children. I think it is actually a little hidden treasure that I rather hope will not be discovered more than it has been. However, I think the secrets out - Riversdale is the place to be. Visit the school for yourself. Keep your fingers crossed that you get a place (all local schools are now nearly full). If you get a place for your child - smile and watch them blossom.

travellingmumsw18 Wed 29-Jan-14 14:45:52

I just wanted to comment here and bump this thread because I feel Riversdale is definitely an up and coming very good Primary.

Granted, I've only lived in the area for 3 years. But moved here partly because of the good schools around. I do not know why Riversdale had / has less reputation than Sheringdale. I certainly think is down to a matter of looks and solely based on old rumours and not current events.

My daughter is on her 2nd year at Riversdale and even tho it was our second option due to a matter of convenience, when we eventually were offered a place at Sheringdale, I didn't hesitate: I didn't change her!. I didn't take the place because I actually felt I would be doing a dis-service to her education.

Yes, Sheringdale looks cosier and yes it has a very good reputation but Riversdale is just as good if not better ;) The thing is most people don't know and don't want to find out about all the good things Riversdale has to offer.

I've been there. I know the feeling you get when during home time you see the chaos near the chippie and the bus stop. Those are not Riversdale kids. Try to see past that and you will find a perfectly lovely victorian listed building with well-lit big classrooms filled with happy students and dedicated staff.

Unless we all actually go and visit and experience the school and chat to the Headteacher, to the staff and specially to the PTC who btw are doing a tremendously good job, Riversdale will continue to be a hidden gem.

A few of my daughter's friends have transferred to Wimbledon Park Primary, Sheringdale and others, each for different reasons, and I think it is a shame. I believe it is the families who actually create the feeling of community at a School.

Now that Riversdale is doing so good and there are so many plans for the near future it is sad to see that so many people use it as a "for the moment" school while they wait for a place somewhere else.

If we all leave... who's gonna be left? Wouldn't it be in detriment of ourselves if Riversdale ends up as just a transitional place?

Mumptious Tue 04-Feb-14 16:23:17

Childof79 I totally missed your previous post and apologise profusely for not responding straight away. I am startled by your comments and very concerned as what you suggest contradicts everything that Mosaic stands for. Mosaic is in every way an inclusive school which is made up of 50% of pupils from the Jewish community and 50% of children from families of other faiths, beliefs and none. I will not bore you with strap lines and policy statements but refer you to recent testimonials from parents of children who are currently at the school:

"Parents are made to feel very included in the school community. Whether you are Jewish or not, there is no difference in how you are treated as a parent – those attending the school are from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and religions – but all are very friendly, bringing with them diversity and interesting outlooks to a warm and inviting ‘melting pot’."

“Our son has embraced the ethos of the school and very much enjoys the Jewish teachings; the Hannukah play was a particular highlight for the whole class.”

“The pupils also, of course, learn about non-Jewish festivals such as Diwali, and we were pleased that at Christmas the children were taken to a nativity play. As half the places are for children of Jewish faith and half are for children of other faiths / beliefs or no faith at all, the pupils in the reception class are from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and faiths so the school feels like a very interesting, warm crucible of cultures and, whether you are Jewish or not, your views and contributions are welcomed and feel valued.”

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