Bolingbroke Academy - without typo this time!

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dolly63 Mon 08-Oct-12 18:52:39

Hi all
Has anyone got a child at the Bolingbroke Academy? We are hoping to send our son there next year and are interested in any feedback before we commit.

Sarnie63 Tue 09-Oct-12 10:16:11

My daughter's at Bolingbroke. Obviously we haven't had a lot of time to judge as we're only into week 4 but my husband and I are very pleased so far. The teachers all seem really good and she seems to be learning a lot already. They get quite a lot of homework, it should be 2 subjects for half an hour every night and 15 minutes reading but it all seems manageable. They finish at 4pm but have to choose 3 enrichment lessons to do after school, one sport, one music and another of their choice. These are an hour long so it can be quite a long day but this doesn't seem to worry her too much. It is quite strict (uniform has to be perfect etc) but I like that - I needed strict when I was at school to keep me in line so I have no problem with that at all. Overall I think it will be an excellent school! I can't comment on the building I'm afraid as they are in temporary accomodation until after half term. Please do email me if you have any further questions on as I'm happy to help!

dolly63 Tue 09-Oct-12 18:44:44

Thanks so much Sandra - that's really helpful and reassuring!

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