Opinions of Putney schools - Prospect House, Hurlingham and Putney High

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Sem12 Thu 17-May-12 22:40:12


I'd really appreciate any comments from parents of children at Prospect House and Hurlingham and any parents thinking of sending their children to those schools about the schools, what they're like etc

Also any views on Putney High?

I'm currently trying to choose a prep school for my daughter.

Any comments welcome!


Parent247 Thu 14-Mar-13 22:33:55

Putney High is probably the best school in wandsworth and could give your dd much stability if she gets in from the start (4+) as she can progress up to her A-Levels (or whatever the exams will be called by then) at the same school.

2nd on your list should be prospect house which is soon have a new building that is located very close to putney high school (if your dd is fortunte to get into putney high then if you ever have a ds, then you should consider registering him at prospect house as soon as he is born as I hear waiting lists are quite long and it sure will help the school runs).

Mgee Tue 19-Mar-13 22:22:16

Hi, I'm a first timer so Hi all - I wonder if anyone has any opinions on freeschools as an option for education in the Battersea/Wandsworth?

Nordicmom Tue 04-Jun-13 08:04:49

My ds went to Hurlingham until 7 y and we were very happy with it smile! I recommend it warmly . We're planning to send DD there in a few years too . It's just gotten outstanding in the inspections spring before this . My son left to go to a super selective boys prep school ( got into to both he did exams for with no school help or outside tutoring )so even though there wasn't huge academic pressure the students do very well and it gave him what he needed to do the exams ( we did do some prep on our own ). I have considered Putney high for DD but feel it might be too academic from the get go and I want DD to have a gentle start . Who knows what she'll turn out to be like . Maybe not as academic as ds anyway and if she is she can make the move when older .
Friends have kids also both at Prospect house and Putney High and they've been happy with them. I recommend touring each and reading up on them a lot and trying find people in RL with kids in them ...

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