Any recommendations for toddlers activities in SW15?

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islandhaze Tue 24-Apr-12 13:11:27

We have just moved to the area, and while a 7 year old is in school, me and 2,5 dd are extremely bored at home. Anybody could recommend a playgroup, playground or anything? Thank you!

tvfriend Tue 01-May-12 10:14:16

Where in Wandsworth do you live?

islandhaze Wed 02-May-12 11:32:46

Hello Tvfriend!

We live in Putney, close to Roehampton Queen's Mary hospital.
If you have anything to recommend i will highly appreciate smile

wandymum Wed 02-May-12 17:52:57

There's a useful directory of playgroups and classes here if you join it will show them by order of proximity to you.

tvfriend Thu 03-May-12 13:28:13

Have a look at for info on various classes etc and also on the london mums website.
I'm not sure what is on around Roehampton in particular (I suspect there must be quite a bit) but in Putney there is a playgroup at All Saints Church on a Thursday, St Marys Church on a Tuesday and St Simon's church on another day (not sure which).
Putney Leisure Centre has 'Tumbletime' every morning with a bouncy castle and painting things.
Eddie Catz is a softplay area in Putney which also does lots of classes (can work out expensive).
There is also the park and playground at Leaders Gardens on the river.
Also a playgroup at Fulham Palace across the river in Bishops Park (and a playground). Would be the 430 bus from Roehampton.
Another thing that my kids love is the Science and Natural History museums in South Kensington. Lots for little ones and free. Can also go on the 430 or 14/74 from Putney. Easy to do for a couple of hours and plenty of time to get back for school pick up.
Hope that helps a bit?!

islandhaze Thu 03-May-12 14:33:06

Wandymum, thank you for the link. I did indeed found good info there.

Tvfriend : wow. Thank you so much for such a great info. Will visit the recommended.

Once again, thank you very much for answering as i understand not much of communication here on Wandsworth thread? We moved from Kew a month ago, and Richmond mums are quiet active on this site smile

ElenaHandbasket Sun 06-May-12 19:11:35


I live very near you then! There's a really nice mums and kids group at St Margaret's church on Friday afternoons. Sadly I work Fridays now so I can't go.

Also make sure you pop into the SureStart on Roehampton Lane - they have activities there and at the Alton Road site every day. No excuse to be sat indoors smile

SageYourOracle Mon 07-May-12 22:14:50

Just to add, there are art & sensory play sessions at 'Arty Fizz' on Upper Richmond Rd opposite Carpetright & the Sainsbury's Local. I take my 9 month old DD to the baby messy play sessions- great fun!

More info. here

islandhaze Tue 08-May-12 20:50:53

Thank you all so much for recommendations! We found a sure start centre at Granard primary school. The staff is very friendly, and they have a very busy schedule there.
Will also try Putney leisure centre. Has anybody tried a swimming with toddler there?

ElenaHandbasket Thu 31-May-12 21:25:29

The Granard centre is lovely - spent a lot of time there when my son was little! A good school too. We are moving out of the area now, but would have been really pleased to send my son there.

Putney Leisure centre is good for toddlers at the weekends and during school holidays, when the teaching pool is open. It's warm and baby-friendly. At other times, they only let you take kiddies in the splash pool, which is basically a big bath smile

LittlePoppetsMummy Fri 20-Jul-12 21:31:46

Sorry to be a little late in posting!

If you want another option for swimming you could go a little further to Fulham Pools on Lillie Road in Fulham. The 430 bus will take you there from Upper Richmond Road/Putney Train Station. It's a fabulous facility with several pools and they have family swimming daily.

I second the Artyfizz classes run by Lynda Howells on Upper Richmond Road. My daughter's also 9 months and loves the baby class so much we go twice a week! She also runs after-school classes for primary school children, toddler classes and even teen/adult classes. Definitely worth giving it a go to see if you like it!

The other options I know of in Putney are Gymboree (upstairs in the Putney Exchange), Monkey Music, Waterstones' Storytime on Tuesday mornings, and Putney Library's Baby Rhyme Times and Storytime for Children.

If you're prepared to take the bus over the bridge to Fulham, the Fulham Palace Children's Centre which tvfriend mentioned is a fabulous facility. It's just inside the gates of Fulham Palace on the right hand side. Funded and run by Hammersmith & Fulham, it has all the educational toys and activities a nursery school would provide, indoor and outdoor play areas and very helpful trained staff, but instead of dropping your child off you stay with them for the morning to play with the toys and activities with them.

Hope this gives you some more ideas!

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