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N1MTB Mon 07-Feb-11 10:14:33

Hi all,

As you might guess from my username, I live in Islington (at the moment!) but am posting on behalf of a friend who has just moved to Clapham South and is not a mumsnetter....

She's pregnant with baby number 3 and went to a rather horrid GP on Friday who told her she HAD to have the baby at St Georges and that St Thomas's weren't accepting referrals from Wandsworth. That sounds funny to me - I thought you could choose where you wanted to have your baby. She had babies numbers 1 and 2 at the Royal Free but that's not very practical now she's in Clapham.

The GP she saw even asked her if she actually wanted to have a 12 week scan and told her it was optional. Well, I know all scans are optional but most GPs would recommend you has them, wouldn't they?! That's a pretty crucial one too - I've had a few friends find out they had miscarried at that scan, sadly.

Does anybody know a good GP surgery near Clapham South tube? She lives near the BP garage opposite the tube station!

Thanks v much!

EldonAve Mon 07-Feb-11 10:24:32

The GP is probably right
St T often restricts referrals form patients out of the area

Thurleigh rd practice is good
Otherwise cavendish rd surgery down in balham

EldonAve Mon 07-Feb-11 10:24:57

Sorry I can't spell today

N1MTB Mon 07-Feb-11 12:10:54

thank you! will pass it on.

cocoachannel Sat 12-Feb-11 11:19:15

I'd recommend Cavendish Surgery (covers Lambeth and Wandsworth), particularly Dr. Nicholas. I had the choice of St.Thomas's and St.George's. Opted for St.George's having been very impressed with the emergency care I received there for an ectopic pregnancy last year. So far have been pleased with my antenatal care. Due next week so I guess that will really be the test! Anecdotally, I hear there's little between the two hospitals these days- lots of investment into both. Like so many city hospital the delivery care is excellent, but post-natal for 'normal' cases is poor at both.

boosmummie Thu 17-Feb-11 09:27:21

Thurleigh Road - brilliant practice and they'll refer you where YOU want to go. Drs Peach, Schofield and Salt are all fantastic. St. George's is excellent now and she shouldn't worry about going there if need be. I had my 3 older children at St Mary's Paddington, by choice, even though I lived in Balham for dd2 and ds1 at the time, so geography shouldn't not be a problem unless you need to get in quick!!!

N1MTB Mon 21-Feb-11 14:30:54

Sorry - am late responding but thank you to cocoachannel and boosmummie! Reassuring about St George's as she called St Thomas's and they won't accept her at the moment.

Good to know about GPs though as she does need to sign up. She's renting at the moment though and I suspect she'll end up somewhere round Abbeville Road eventually.

Hmmm, yes, good point boosmummie, she could go to the Royal Free again I suppose if she really wanted to!!

(Personally, I'm v pleased to hear about St Georges as am half way to persuading DH to move to Clapham/Wandsworth and also considering DC3 - with a history of 2 vv fast previous labours so will def need to go to nearest hospital or have it at home...)

Thanks all!

mylifestory Wed 22-Jun-11 21:30:50

balham park surgery on the high road, new building but very experienced staff, you get st thomas's there if you want, or chelsea and westminister!! I recommend st geaorges very highly tho!!!
Rebecca xx

rku754 Wed 26-Jul-17 15:27:56

Dear All,

I would highly recommend Dr Curran & Partners off Clapham High Street. It offers excellent mother and baby services. The doctors and nurses are wonderful. I normally don't have any problem getting an appointment and a lot of their services are available online. The mid and health visitors are based in the same building so its very convenient.

Their website address is:

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