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exstokeymum Mon 25-Aug-14 08:07:25

Wow I know this thread is ancient -( so apologies for reviving but it seems the Waltham Forest forum isn't very active...)

However I do really like where I live (Coppermill lane area) and my neighbours are all really friendly and lovely (I presume there are unfriendly ones I don't notice because they keep themselves to themselves). I moved here from N16 and I love the way people say hello here when you walk down the street. Outside my local grocery shop in Stokey there were 3 murders (2 shootings & 1 stabbing) in the time I lived there, and lots of other evidence of gang activity. I actually feel very safe where I am now.

The things that bother me though are the fact that there aren't tighter restrictions around shops maintaining certain standards of repair for their frontages. I makes things seem run down. Also a few really nice coffee shops down this end wouldn't go amiss.

So I haven't found anyone who fits into stereotypes- just a mix of people. Also I want to stick up for single mums - I find parenting really tough as part of a couple so I am in total admiration for women who can cope on their own. It is usually heart-breaking for families to split and I think it is quite nasty to judge women negatively for having been through this - they've got enough on their plate

tyha Sat 02-Aug-14 03:53:41

Hi shonycoco,

I do not know where they live and do not know what they name is.
Those people child attended my child school.

Shonycoco Fri 01-Aug-14 08:35:26

Well if they commit benefit fraud, and you have proof then you should report them..

tyha Sat 26-Jul-14 11:25:26

people,who live wood street who live in council property are on benefit and they do not want get job, but some do.

some want to have more children to claim benefit, and some committ benefit fraud .

Shonycoco Sat 26-Jul-14 08:47:28

I have lived in Islington most of my life, and moved to Walthamstow just over 10 years ago.
Honestly, all this talk about class is ridicules

Where ever you go, you are going to find some people on benefits, even in Finchley.

Sunshinekinddat you state that you are fed up of being
Stereotyped, but you are doing the exact same.

Gosh, if you want to mingle with the high society go and move to chelsea, where i'm sure there they will look down on you.

cheesegirl Tue 21-May-13 21:31:58

Seriously most of the comments on here, make my blood boil. It's all snobbery! So you only want to live in a place surrounded by the middle classes. Well, if you don't like Walthamstow - move! Stop hating!

psimonk Tue 23-Oct-12 23:02:43

As per cheesegirl, Walthamstow is lovely if you get involved.

A. I know several teenage boys and their parents locally. All just fine.

B. I grew up in Muswell Hill and Crouch End. I hated it. Fake villages full of people who don't really want to be part of London.

C. And don't think those places are somehow safer than the stow. Higham Hill, for instance, has some very rough bits.

bitofcheese Sun 29-Jul-12 18:53:39

OP - i lived in e17 for years and hated it for similar reasons to you, i don't live there anymore however there are alot of middle clasee people i know/have known who live there and love it to bits. there are good things there (so i hear...) you just have to look for them, it has a very 'right on' scene (very guardian reading middle class), you have to work out how to get involved in it if that is what you want. there are nice surrounding areas too though ie just up the road and a bit country'ish is essex with lots of green and nice places to go, i used to regularly go there to escape! the only thing i used to love about walthamstow was the local carboot sale which the bloody council closed down for no reason at all

cheesegirl Thu 21-Jun-12 23:20:13

Shame on you. Stop looking down on people and get involved in the community. Walthamstow has lots to offer, but you haven't taken the time to find out about it. sunshineakindat and starlightexpress you are made for each other. I suggest you meet up and have a good old bitch about how awful Walthamstow is.

Nini1000 Fri 11-Mar-11 15:30:24


Try the sure start, it is packed with professional mums. Also go to anything remotely cultural.

I also used to be mistaken for a benefit mum, after a while i didn't mind cos it meant no-one asked me for money or automatically told me the discounted price (!).

RamblingRosa Mon 19-Jan-09 14:36:01

It's not all bad you know. There are little pockets where it's lovely. The village is obviously really nice. Have you done the walk from Coppermill Lane up to Springfield Park? That should make you feel better about it. I'm more of a North London girl myself and would obviously rather be living in Muswell Hill than Walthamstow but since I can't afford N10, E17 will have to do

sunshineakindat Tue 06-Jan-09 01:55:00

wow! youve made me feel better. my friends say im a ghetto snob grin. im trying desperately to make a compromise and move to highams park.
btw- what do you do now? i really want to go back to work just to get away during the day!
thanks for replying

starlightexpress Thu 01-Jan-09 16:09:21

Sunshineakindat, are you me?

I read your post and thought, snap! (I used to be a teacher too, btw).

My only positive experience of the place is that the 56 bus goes to Islington in half an hour.

Buy a lottery ticket? wink

sunshineakindat Fri 07-Nov-08 12:39:28

i feel terrible. ive become such a snob since moving to walthamstow. i was brought up in finchley, north london but my husband was brought up in walthamstow. we had to move in with his parents for a while and i really dont like the area. i like the fact that its multicultural but its so grey and miserable. all the mums at school dont seem to be doing much with their lives and are happy living off benefits. nobody really seems to interact with other cultures. im well educated and used to be a teacher. im at home because i choose to be but everyone thinks im a single mum on benefits. im fed up with the stereotype. i have 4 boys and im scared to bring them up here. i would love to hear from anyone who wants to have an honest discussion about this. if you are able to change my impression that would be great because at the moment i cant wait to move!again.

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