Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Waltham Forest?

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Kerelene Wed 18-Jun-08 10:05:43

I am registered with the Abbey Dental Practice in St James St but they are rather disinterested and I really want my teeth sorted out before they rot away - at Abbey they said best to wait until after my pregnancy but I'm keen to get any fillings while I'm exempt from paying.

Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Walthamstow or elsewhere in WF?

mammya Sat 21-Jun-08 23:39:11

Try Thatched House surgery in Leytonstone. I hated Abbey too!

Sunnymama Sun 22-Jun-08 13:38:43

I go to a dentist on Forest Road opposite the fire station. Sorry - I can't remember the name of the practice but it's great and they took me on as a new NHS patient without batting an eye. The receptionists are a bit feisty but the dentist I see (Mr Wardle) is lovely.

plethora Mon 23-Jun-08 11:03:19

I think that might be Elm House Dental Surgery,

onebatmother Tue 24-Jun-08 13:17:21

ooh ooh - the one on Church Hill in Walthamstow. Think it might be called Church Hill surgery. Welcomes the Nervous. takes NHs

He's excellent. I am a very nervous patient and have never been happy with anyone before.

Kerelene Thu 03-Jul-08 00:24:09

Thanks for all the recommendations! I'll try some of them out. smile

nickie2 Wed 09-Jul-08 22:12:15

one other recommend - the dentist straight across from sainsburys. they're very nice in there and take nhs patients.

they probably won't give you fillings during your pregnancy as i think you require an x-ray to get one (which would obviously be a bit dangerous), but don't worry, you have free dental care for a year after you give birth so if you can wait, you'll still get your gnashers sorted without cost!

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