Secondary Schools in Walthamstow

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onebadmother Thu 18-Oct-07 13:49:01

does anyone have any info they can pass on about secondary schools here? DS is 6 but I'm already anxious.. main thing for me is not necessarily results but the ability to be yourself - ie are you going to be pressured into being a certain kind of boy, or risk bullying?

onebadmother Mon 22-Oct-07 22:36:57

bump bump.

jugglingact Wed 24-Oct-07 18:01:43

hi, I have worked as a teacher in most of the secondary schools in waltham forest. if you put your email here I'll contact you direct.

onebadmother Thu 25-Oct-07 11:01:20

brilliant -

chloemummy Thu 24-Jan-08 16:28:07

jugglingact can you email me too.... My dd is 7 and I feel veryanxious about the schools in waltham forest

Arisdon Thu 11-Aug-11 09:25:38

Hi, I know this thread is a bit old, but can anyone give me some info on schools in Waltham Forest, particularly the Chingford area.

StowlenAway Sun 04-Sep-11 13:32:13

I'm not at that stage yet Arisdon (DS is only 13 months!), but you might get more replies if you started a new thread asking specifically about Chingford?

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