Any good GP in Waltham Forest? Please help me!

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joyasha Fri 12-Oct-07 14:35:34

I am very unhappy with my GP and his care during my miscarriages and with my current pregnancy. Can anyone tell me if they love their GP? It would be dreamy if they are friendly to holistic or natural care but not essential.
Thanks in advance

Ley22 Fri 12-Oct-07 17:57:40


I was unhappy too with my Male GP following my Ectopic pregnancy. My new Doctor is a lady called Dr Pushpajah who works at Grove Surgery, Grove Rd (near the Village). I am not aware of her views regarding Holistic or natural care as I have never asked her about this. Neverless she is friendly and has been very supportive.

joyasha Sun 14-Oct-07 18:34:33

Thanks. Friendly and supportive is really the most important thing anyway. I'll look her up and hope the office is accepting new patients. Seems all the good ones get taken.

missbumpy Wed 17-Oct-07 19:02:51

Hi, I hate my GP in Blackhorse Road/Coppermill lane area too. It's so hard to find a good GP isn't it?

Someone recommended a practice in the village. I think it was on Addison Road. Might be the same practice that Ley22 mentioned. Not sure.

Let us know if you find someone good. I need to change too.

onebadmother Thu 18-Oct-07 13:46:40

We really really love Dr Cooney at Comely Bank Clinic (moved from Addison Road.
Pros: unbelievably kind, and I've had good experiences with most of the other drs in his practice if you have to get an appointment at short notice, which you never can with Dr Cooney as he's always booked up!

Gives you time. Utterly thorough and authoritative (not authoritarian)

Possible Antis -
doubt he does holistic.

Also big problem for you could be that he doesn't do contraception - he's Catholic and shockingly, he's allowed to opt out of providing it. It was a big ethical problem for me but I got around it by telling myself that the system was wrong, rather than him for opting out.. (I had hated the other surgeries I went to see..)

missbumpy Thu 18-Oct-07 22:12:38

Ah yes, it was Dr Cooney that was recommended to me. I didn't know about his anti-contraception stance though. that is quite shocking shock! I didn't know doctors could opt out.

onebadmother Thu 18-Oct-07 22:23:53

yes mb totally shocking. I would have thought it came under the bit about 'doing no harm' in the hyp. oath.

not a prob for me, a sturdy 39 yr old who knows where to go to get what I need (and only gets sex when there's a z in the month)
but what about a 14 yr old who comes in needing the pill or god forbid a termination?

Simply the fact that her GP won't do it might seem like a moral judgement and scare here into choicees that might have a lasting impact..

missbumpy Sat 20-Oct-07 22:04:02

I totally agree. I had no idea that it was legal for GPs to opt out of providing contraception. I might rethink signing up to that practice! Not that I'm looking for contraception...I just don't like the sound of a GP with such strong moral views!

onebadmother Mon 22-Oct-07 22:32:51

You'll love him, and honestly, when the l.o arrives, you'll no longer have any principles other than having a lovley clean surgery and a lovely kind doctor!!!

joyasha Fri 26-Oct-07 11:40:11

To ley22, I got caught up with loads of other stuff and just called Grove surgery. Is it normal not to be able to meet with doctor before you register? The lady on phone said it is not allowed. I am a bit nervous to just go and register after I got stuck with one I am so unhappy with. How long have you been with her? can I ask.I guess I am just looking for re-assurance I am feeling a bit delicate.

onebatmother Tue 30-Oct-07 20:25:28

joyasha - don't think anyone would allow you to meet with the doctor/s before you register.
Think the only way to get a feel is by word of mouth. Crap, I know.
Hope you manage to sort something out.
I still would REALLY recommend you go to Comely Bank and ask to register!
And also I'm wondering whether you would strongly prefer a female doctor? if so, there are 3 I think in Dr Cooney's surgery at Comely Bank.
Good luck!

ibblewob Thu 15-Nov-07 22:36:09

Hello. Don't know if this is any good as I live in Leytonstone (E11) but I love my GPs - I'm at the Allum Practice in Fairlop Road (just up from the Tube Station). Thankfully I've never had to go for anything serious but when I do need them they've always got an appointment for the same day. One of my friends highly recommends Dr Spiring and Dr Pepper (that's how you pronounce it, not spell it!) is an excellent female dr.

thepurplestar Fri 04-Jan-08 21:57:21

I go to Dr. Hari at Francis Road- she has been fantastic!

fondant4000 Mon 07-Jan-08 11:44:51

I go to Dr Bailey (solo woman) in Shernhall Street. I had 5 mcs before I moved to this practice, and she was brilliant and supportive in my 2 successful pregnancies.

When I had a bleed, she did all she could to get me in for a scan asap - knowing that it meant a lot to me.

She doesn't dish out pills, and often recommends home remedies - eg salt gargles. My kids see her too.

I went to her because comely bank won't do contraception!

No set appointments, but you usually get seen within 30 mins of turning up, and you can turn up any day. Closed on Thursdays and weekends.

Good pregnancy/birth type doctor

ChocFudgeCake Mon 02-Jun-08 22:02:25

I am very happy to learn that there is one Christian GP in the area! I am Christian too, and don't do contraception either. I always have pressure from doctors to take the pill or something, when I say that I am happy without, they openly pull a face like I'm a weirdo (you must be thinking that too!). I do Natural family planning, which works very well for me, and I had doctors and nurses attacking me for this, and trying to convince me that it was not reliable.
My surgery is St. James just by the train station. They are ok. I didn't want to go to Whipps Cross and they were happy to refer me to the hospital of my choice.

MrsThierryHenry Tue 10-Jun-08 23:34:21

If I were you I'd avoid Dr Lindall if you're nr Lloyd Park. He's the worst doctor I've ever met. I once sat in reception for 30 mins and three people came down and complained about him in that time.

Good luck!

Eileithyia Tue 30-Sep-08 16:13:53

Can I restart this thread and ask for any new recommendations? Feel v nervous about leaving fab Islington GP and dont think I can do the "no contraception" doctor, lovely as he might be. Is Grove still the best bet?

MissM Thu 09-Oct-08 22:19:37

To be honest you'd be lucky to get into wherever you like. I tried to change surgeries after having a 2-minute consultation with Dr Lindall where he stared at his computer screen the whole time. It was impossible to find one that would even consider me if I wasn't in their catchment.

Having said that the other doctors at the same practice are fine, it's just harder to get an appointment with them.

EmNotPGYet Tue 04-Aug-09 22:47:51

eek I am registered with Dr Lindall! Never had cause to see him though (touch wood). I'm glad you say the other docs in the practice are OK, and I have found the receptionists and nurse very friendly and helpful.

Naomhan Tue 16-Oct-12 19:02:54

Just reviving this thread again. I registered at Addison Rd last month and live close to the William Morris Gallery. I think my doctor is Dr Kumar. i have had no need to see them yet but have seen one of the nurses who was lovely.

My husband tried to register this afternoon but they have turned him away saying that they have tightened up the catchment areas in the past two weeks. This is disappointing because we would have liked to have been registered at the same place and this is more convenient for him in terms of opening hours and location than others that are only fractionally nearer. Our nearest doctor on Forest Rd is not accepting new patients and the others on Claremont Rd and Penryn Road are not convenient for him.

Has anyone else had this problem or could recommend another - while we are at it, when are they doing away with catchment areas?

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