Good GP in Leytonstone/Leyton?

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jessikins Fri 07-Apr-17 17:40:35

Hi everybody!

I'm sure theres a thread on this but would really appreciate any up to date tips your parents/expectant parents might have on a good GP in Leytonstone or Leyton?

I am currently at Hampton Road Medical Centre and having been unhappy with them anyway, treatment during a recent miscarriage (my first pregnancy) was awful.

I'm now pregnant again and would like to find a great GP who does good antenatal care etc. Preferably a group practice, but I don't think there are many around here.

Any tips would be so appreciated. It's an anxious time because of the miscarriage obviously, but I'd feel much better with a good GP!


ImMrsBrightside Tue 05-Sep-17 18:47:34

Limetree Surgery in Leytonstone

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