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Dilys36 Sat 31-Aug-13 23:37:10

Mums young and old it would be nice to get together for chit chats.

Dilys36 Mon 02-Sep-13 22:30:23

Hi all. I'm the new local ambassador for chingford. I would like to get mums in our local area to start interacting with each other. It would be great to meet at least once a month at a venue of our choice to do or chat about what ever we decide. I intended to make this a fun and valuable experience where we (mums)feel not alone, get me time, and share ideas as well as help one another..
Please get in touch or private message me if you intrested

Jennynero Sun 08-Sep-13 19:09:28

Hi, I would be interested in meeting mums from Walthamstow. If anyone would be interested in future meetups then please let me know.

Dilys36 Wed 11-Sep-13 03:27:18

Hi jennynero..I'm glad u r interested in meet up. As I'm responsible for organizing these meet up I will keep u updated sooner on possible future dates.

Dilys36 Tue 22-Oct-13 21:18:36

Hi jennynero. Hope u are well. Looking to arrange our first meeting. U have esta35 on board too on the meetup group. Let decide where and when together..

SabsFabulous Tue 22-Oct-13 23:09:20

Hi, I would also be interested in any meet ups in the walthamstow / leyton area whilst I am on maternity leave. I have a 4 year old DD and a 4 month old DS. How about everyone else?

Dilys36 Wed 23-Oct-13 21:35:10

Hi sabsfabulous great u interested in meeting up. I have
2 DD. 9yrs old and 3yrs old. Lives in chingford but closer to walthamstow. Will be organising first meet up soon. Please share you suggestion on what we could fo for our first meet up. If your rather pm me that's ok too...

SabsFabulous Fri 25-Oct-13 15:35:18

Hi Dilys somewhere where there's parking would be good! Open to suggestions but from midday to around 2.30-3pm are the best times for me. DD's at nursery so it would be me and DS

kristine1984 Tue 26-Nov-13 21:09:55

Hi Dilys
I have just moved to Chingford, my DD is 11 month old and I wandered if you ladies are meeting up and if I could join?

Dilys36 Wed 27-Nov-13 11:10:25

Hi kristine1984...welcome to chingford and to mums nets...glad you are intrested in meeting other mums...we haven't yet agreed on a date or time for first meeting as everyone seems to have a different schedule. .please inbox me your availabilty and ideas of first meeting point

nicodiamand Tue 25-Mar-14 13:59:07

Hi everyone, my name is Nico and I'm having my first baby October this year! I'm the new ambassador for walthamstow and I'm looking forward to getting some meet-ups going.

Join the group now if you'd like to be involved and hen I'll set a date for our first one soon. Looking forward to meeting you all. x

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